Are you getting ready to take the upcoming October/December LSAT?  Enter to win one of two free LSAT Complete Courses or Upgrades!  This contest is open to everyone including current 7Sagers.

If you’re already enrolled in a course and win, you get a free upgrade to the next higher course. If you already have LSAT Ultimate, then you win the coveted Mystery Prize.

There are two ways to win. There is one prize awarded by random draw, and one prize awarded for collecting the most entries.

This contest ends at 11pm ET, August 24th.

Pro-tip: You can get unlimited entries! You get +18 entries for following the simple steps, +1 entry for every person that clicks on one of your links, and +5 (!) entries for everyone who enters the contest using your custom link.

Follow the steps, spread the word, and rack up tons of extra entries to boost your chances at the draw prize, and to shoot for the prize for the most entries.

(contest ended)

Update: We’re happy to announce that Ryan S. and Denise L. won free courses in this giveaway – congratulations!


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  • sushant1309

    I cannot overstate how much I love the free 7Sage YouTube videos! They are beyond helpful!

  • tfgeorge

    I really love the free you tube videos. It has made me want all of it!

  • ulloacamino

    Besides the sheer magnitude of questions, the many LSAT prep test and the helpful videos explanations and tips, the prep test scoring tools are just top notch. They offer an in depth analysis of your progression through the LSAT prep test. So much better than just checking whether you got the questions right or wrong. Wouldn’t be blind reviewing without 7sage either, the only way to review.

  • Raj Matthew

    In a world today when money is like drops of honey scarce for the majority plenty for the minority 7 Sage stands tall by providing cost effective LSAT education for one and all. It has revolutionized legal education not only in the United States nation but we guys overseas too want to take advantage of the JY Ping the LSAT sensation. And even though he and his team has done so much this Give Away contest proves that they love their students very much.
    Hats off to them for making learning fun I hope some day they get a Nobel Prize for all they have done.

  • Stormexe

    The PrepTest grader is definitely one of my favorite things. I know a few exist elsewhere, but the keyboard mode here is the best I’ve found!

  • Midriff

    7sage 4 life

  • lmd09d

    JY’s awesome teaching style and clear explanations.

  • Jerrald de Guzman

    The FREE logic game explanations were a major part of my improvement.

  • Pamela A.M.

    I can access the lesson videos from my phone and only print the tests or material I really need. No more lugging around big books to go to the library/park. I can study anywhere!

  • Sharmyn Blake

    The visual explanations and the study schedule! Also that when I have emailed them (7sage) in the past, they returned my emails in less than 24 hours…

  • Oneofsix

    What I like best about 7sage are the AMAZING Logic Games explanations! SUCH a life-saver!