7Sage offers its Admission Consulting Plus package under the following terms and conditions.

1 Covered Schools

7Sage will provide editorial guidance and strategic consultation (“Services”) to help the Client apply to and follow up on ten or fewer American JD programs. 7Sage and the Client will agree on a list of ten or fewer American JD programs (“Covered Schools”) for which 7Sage will provide Services. 7Sage will not be obligated to provide Services for additional law schools, although the Client may apply to additional law schools without 7Sage’s help.

If 7Sage and the Client do not explicitly decide on the Client’s Covered Schools, the Covered Schools shall consist of the first ten law schools to which the Client applies with 7Sage’s help after the execution of this Agreement.

2 Time Period

7Sage’s Services are intended to cover 10 applications in a single admissions cycle unless the Client Delays. More precisely, the Services shall end…

  1. On the last day of the August that follows the Client’s first application to a Covered School, OR
  2. A year and a half (18 months) after the Client begins to use the Services, unless the Client Delays (see Delays), OR
  3. Three years after the Client purchases the Services.

For the elimination of doubt, any of the aforementioned circumstances shall end 7Sage’s Services.

Human summary: We’ll help you with ten schools. You have to submit all of your applications in the same admissions cycle.

3 Enumeration of Services

7Sage’s Services will consist of the following:

  • Strategic consultation about the Client’s choice of Covered Schools, timing of submissions, and other matters related to the Client’s Applications
  • Editorial guidance via electronic communication (calls, emails, messages, etc.) on all documents the Client may need to write for his or her Applications, including the Client’s personal statement, résumé, diversity statement, addenda (including LSAT, GPA, employment gap, C&F, and other addenda), school-specific application essays, and “why X” essays, with the exception of any documents noted in Section 5 of this agreement
  • Review of Client’s Applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Waitlist strategy and letters of continuing interest
  • Editorial guidance on correspondence with law school admissions officers
  • Strategic and editorial help on negotiating financial aid with law schools to which the Client was admitted

Human summary: We’ll help you with just about everything for ten schools.

4 Timely Replies

7Sage will make a good faith effort to respond to the Client’s emails and phone calls in a timely fashion, and to provide editorial feedback on the Client’s Documents within 48 hours of receipt. If 7Sage receives a Document outside of 7Sage’s normal business hours (9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET on Monday through Friday) or on an American holiday, 7Sage may from time to time take longer than 48 hours. 7Sage will make a good faith effort to warn the Client in advance if 7Sage anticipates that editorial feedback shall take longer than 48 hours.

Human summary: We’ll try to reply in 48 hours, and we usually do, but every once in a while, we may take a little longer. We’ll try to warn you beforehand.

5 Confidentiality

7Sage will keep the Client’s Documents and personal information confidential. 7Sage editors and consultants may share the Client’s Documents and information with other 7Sage editors and consultants. 7Sage may also share the Client’s documents with third-party proofreaders for the purpose of proofreading.

Human summary: We won’t share your information with anyone outside of 7Sage except for our proofreader.

6 What’s Not Included

7Sage’s Services do not include the following:

  1. Writing original content or preparing application materials on behalf of the Client
  2. Fact-checking or performing research for the Client’s Documents
  3. Editorial work on Documents that have been edited or critiqued by a third party
  4. Sentence-level editing or proofreading of recommendations (although 7Sage will give advice and high-level feedback on recommendations)
  5. Editorial work on any Document more than five hundred percent longer than a School’s stated length guideline
  6. Logging onto LSAC’s website or any other website with the Client’s credentials
  7. Assistance on applications to concurrent degree programs, such as MBA or LLM programs (e.g., if the Client applies to a JD-MBA program, 7Sage will only help with the JD application)
  8. Assistance on applications to programs available only to admitted students, such as Georgetown’s Global Law Scholars Program
  9. Assistance on applications for external or third-party scholarships
  10. Help on FAFSA applications
  11. Direct interaction with law school admissions offices, financial aid offices, student organizations, or visa authorities on the Client’s behalf
  12. Help on LSAT accommodation requests
  13. LSAT tutoring
  14. Conversations with the Client’s parents or relatives, or with anyone other than the Client.
  15. Feedback from 7Sage consultants other than the Client’s primary and/or supervising consultants.

Human summary: We’ll give you feedback and advice, but we won’t do your work for you. If you show your essay to your mom/friend/prelaw advisor and let us know that you’d like to make major changes based on her advice, we may gently suggest that you make those changes with your mom/friend/prelaw advisor.

7 Finalizing Documents

After the Client and 7Sage are both satisfied that a given Document (e.g., a personal statement) is finished, 7Sage shall offer to perform a Final Proofread on said Document with the Client’s consent. After the Final Proofread of a given Document, the Document shall be Finalized. 7Sage shall help the Client tailor a Finalized Document to a given Covered School but will not otherwise replace or perform Services on a Finalized Document.

Example 1: The Client Finalizes a three-page personal statement for School A. The Client also wants to apply to school B, which requires two-page personal statements. 7Sage shall help the Client produce a two-page version of his personal statement.

Example 2: The Client Finalizes a personal statement for School C but wants to tailor it to School D. 7Sage shall help the client add a school-specific paragraph for School D.

Example 3: The Client Finalizes a personal statement about his experience as a legal intern but decides that she really wants to write about bird watching. 7Sage shall not be obligated to help the Client write a new personal statement about bird watching.

Human summary: When we both agree that an essay is done, we’ll do a Final Proofread. After that, we won’t replace the essay or do any more edits on the essay unless they edits are necessary to tailor it for a given school.

8 Upgrades from Previous Purchases

If the Client has Upgraded to Admissions Consulting Plus from a previous purchase, 7Sage will not start over any on document covered by the previous purchase.

If the Client has finished a document with an Unlimited Edit before Upgrading to Admissions Consulting Plus, 7Sage shall consider the given document to be Finalized.

The Base Price of Admissions Consulting Plus is $4,999. An Upgrade is any purchase of a 7Sage package that subtracts the price of a previously purchased 7Sage package.

Example: You use an Unlimited Edit for One Essay to craft your personal statement, then upgrade to Admissions Consulting Plus. We’ll help you tailor your personal statement to each school covered by your consulting package, but we won’t help you start over on a new personal statement.

9 Payment

The Client agrees to pay for 7Sage’s consulting services in full, if he or she has not already done so.

10 Termination and Refunds

7Sage offers a qualified 6-day refund policy. If the Client requests a refund within 6 days of payment, the Client shall be entitled to a full refund less $250 per hour of 7Sage’s work time. The Client acknowledges that this refund policy will govern even if the Client encounters unforeseen circumstances.

7Sage reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with 48 hours’ notice if the Client misrepresents facts about himself or herself, acts egregiously, or proves impossible to satisfy despite 7Sage’s good faith efforts. In such cases, 7Sage shall refund the Client on a prorated basis.

7Sage shall not be obligated to refund the Client if and because the Client is disappointed by the results of his or her Applications.

Human summary: You can ask for a refund within 6 days, but we’ll charge you at $250 per hour for any work we may have already done.

11 Delays

  1. From time to time, a Client may decide to submit applications in a later application cycle than he or she originally intended.
  2. The Client may Delay 7Sage’s Services if the Client has not started to work on more than two different documents with 7Sage.
    1. Example 1: IF the Client has done some amount of work with 7Sage on a personal statement and diversity statement, THEN the Client may Delay.
    2. Example 2: IF the Client has done some amount of work with 7Sage on a personal statement, diversity statement, and résumé, THEN the Client may NOT Delay.
  3. If the Client Delays, the Services shall no longer end a year and a half after the Client began to use the Service. Instead, they shall end…
    1. On the last day of the August that follows the Client’s first application to a Covered School, OR
    2. A year and a half (18 months) after the Client Resumes the Services, OR
    3. Three years after the Client purchases the Services.
  4. 7Sage shall consider that the Client has Resumed the Services when—after finishing all in-progress Documents and Delaying—the Client next uses 7Sage’s Services.
  5. 7Sage shall Finalize all Documents on which 7Sage has already performed any Services within 60 days of the Client notifying 7Sage of his or her intention to Delay.
  6. For the purposes of this agreement, the Client may only Delay once.
  7. When the Client Resumes, the Client’s Services shall be subject to the most recent version of this Agreement, even if the Client began the Services under an earlier version of this Agreement.
  8. 7Sage cannot guarantee that the Client will be paired with the same Consultant or Consultants when the Client Resumes.

Human summary: If you’ve started working on two documents or fewer, you can delay your admissions cycle, but you have to finalize what you started before you take a break. For example, if we’re working on your personal statement, you have to finalize the personal statement within two months. We won’t be able to help you with a new personal statement or change your personal statement next cycle except to tailor it to each school.

If you haven’t started a given essay before you delay, we can work on it with you later.

You can only delay your admissions cycle once.

12 No Revising Unfinished Documents After a Period of Disengagement

7Sage shall consider that a Client has Disengaged if (1) 7Sage has ever given the Client feedback or suggestions for at least one Document and (2) the Client has not sent 7Sage a new draft of ANY Document for 45 days or more.

If a Client Disengages, 7Sage shall not make Substantial Revisions to any Documents on which 7Sage has already performed Services. Substantial Revisions are defined as any Service beyond proofreading for grammar, typos, punctuation errors, and usage mistakes.

Example 1: 7Sage sends the Client feedback on a personal statement. The Client does not communicate to 7Sage for 45 days except to write, “Thanks, I’ll think about it.”

The Client has Disengaged. 7Sage will proofread the personal statement but won’t otherwise revise it or help the Client write a new one.

Example 2: 7Sage sends the Client feedback on a personal statement. The Client does not respond to that email for 45 days but DOES send a draft of a diversity statement within 45 days.

The Client is still actively engaged. 7Sage shall help the Client complete both the personal statement and the diversity statement.

Human summary: If you stop working actively on your applications, we’ll proofread documents we’ve already started, but we won’t otherwise work on or replace them.

13 Acknowledgements

The Client’s LSAT scores, undergraduate GPA, professional background, disciplinary record, and many factors over which 7Sage has no control will constrain and affect the Client’s chances of admission to law school. 7Sage makes no guarantee, either explicit or implicit, that the Client will be admitted to any particular law school.

Law school application requirements and the processes by which law schools admit applicants may change from year to year, and 7Sage may from time to time be unaware of such changes.

The application to Yale Law School asks if you received assistance in preparing your application. If the answer is “yes,” Yale asks you to specify from whom you received the assistance, the nature of the assistance, and whether or not you paid for the assistance. Answering “yes” may impact your chances of acceptance to Yale.

Human summary: We’ll do our best to help you, but some of this is out of our control. We don’t guarantee that you’ll get accepted anywhere.

14 No Warranty

7Sage provides, in addition to the aforementioned Services, information and guidance about law school admissions in the form of online lessons, videos, webinars, documents, and other forms of communication (“Materials”). 7Sage does not make any warranty of any kind (expressed or implied) as to the results that may be obtained from use of its Materials or Services. In particular, 7Sage does not guarantee that the Materials or Services will result in acceptance to law school or any other academic institution, or that the Materials or Services will result in an offer of financial aid. 7Sage’s Materials and Services are provided “AS IS,” and 7Sage does not guarantee that they are accurate or current.

15 Indemnification

7Sage is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage (including rejection from any law school) related to the Client’s use of the Materials or Services. The Client agrees to protect, indemnify, save, defend, and hold harmless 7Sage, its affiliates, subsidiaries, parent entities, and partners, and each of their assigns, agents, representatives, officers, directors, shareholders, contractors, and employees from and against any and all expenses, damages, claims, suits, actions, judgments, costs and expenses whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees), arising out of, or in any way connected with (1) any breach of this Agreement; and/or (2) any acts or omissions of the Client. In the event 7Sage expends any monies in an effort to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Client shall reimburse 7Sage for all of the said costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees).

16 Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is void or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed omitted and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

17 Assignment

7Sage shall have the right, at its election, to assign this Agreement to any person, firm or corporation, including all 7Sage employees, contractors, shareholders, parent entities, subsidiaries, and affiliates. The Client may not assign its rights under this Agreement under any circumstances.

18 Entire Agreement

This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between the parties and supersedes all previous negotiations, understandings, and agreements, verbal or written, with respect to any matters referred to in this Agreement.

19 Jurisdiction

It is the intention of the parties that this Agreement and the performance under it be construed in accordance with and pursuant to the laws of New York, New York, and that in any action or other proceeding arising out of, in connection with, or by reason of this Agreement, the laws of New York shall govern.

20 Website Terms of Service

Client hereby agrees to the 7Sage website’s [Terms of Service].

The Client represents that he or she has read and understands this Agreement. Any modification or waiver to this Agreement must be approved in writing by 7Sage and the Client.