Law School Admissions Checklist

Send transcripts and LORs to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service:

Plan your attack:

  • Create a school list with about three reach, target, and safety schools, respectively.
  • Decide if you’ll apply early decision.

Write your essays and other documents:

Fill out the application and double-check everything:

[School 1] (copy for each school)

  • Fill out the application.
  • Review the application preview. Make sure you…
    • Follow the instructions for the personal statement, including length limits.
    • Attach the correct version of your personal statement, and not an essay addressed to the wrong school.
    • Accept all tracked changes in your documents.
    • Follow instructions for the résumé, listing hours for each job or specifying whether it was part-time or full-time if necessary.
    • Format your essays consistently.
    • Add headers that show your name and LSAC number. (Your résumé doesn’t need a header with your LSAC number.)
    • Answer the character and fitness questions correctly.
    • Attach all necessary addenda.
  • Submit!

✏️Download a Word version of the checklist here.

🤖We built an all-in-one checklist, school list tool, and results tracker in this Coda Doc

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