⭐️Résumé Template for Law School Admissions

Click here to download this sample résumé as a Word doc for use as a template.


1. Alignment of the Dates

Artist Type aligns his dates on the right margin, but it would also be fine to align the dates on the left margin, or to put them before the job description, like this:

Nordstrom, Cedar Rapids.
6/2015–Present. Product Copywriter

2. Personality in the Personal Section

The artist added enough detail about his novel to prompt an interview question. He used the Personal section in general to provide some continuity with his writing background.

3. LSAC Number

Most applications don't require you to put your LSAC number on the résumé, and many people don't, but because some applications might want you to add your LSAC number, you might as well.


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