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Hi, I am in need for some guidance, on my February 2023, I got an lsac violation that stated I had a prohibited device I don’t understand how this happened because i had in no way touched/ used or had contact with my phone as my phone was off as told to be put behind me and the phone was not in use for the entire time including the break. It was a misunderstanding that I had when I did not. How do I address this problem as I am scared that this will bar me from law school? I also have studying really hard for the lsat and I really want to go to law school? What should I do? If I write an addendum will it look like and excuse? And what should I write if I want to address this?
Thank you for the help!
I really am working hard to go to law school and would like your input!

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Do I count as International if I'm Canadian? #help

Can I use this for 2023? #help

I am curious if the focus is only on Undergrad GPA or does Master's factor in? I graduated from undergrad 8 years ago with a 3.25 but finished a master's in biology with 3.8 much more recently. Do they care more about how I did previously than my most recent sample? #help

I am coming from a teaching background and have a more modern resume that I have used (has a small picture of me, colored background, etc.) which covers the big points listed above and am wondering if that is a bad format for law schools? Should I remake it in a more traditional format? #help

Hi I will be graduating from excelsior university but i have multiple other classes that i took online to get me a significant portion of my credits however it will look very cluttered if i add them all on, can i just write the graduating institution and one other institution i am currently in for my education? thank you

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I have a professor who I've worked with in the classroom as a teaching assistant. He's seen me explain class concepts to students and can vouch for my communication abilities, but he's never personally graded me. Is this sufficient for an academic reference?

should I put I doordash to make money during undergrad?#help

#help I had a very short seasonal job recently, should I include it?

Hi, there's a data shift in your Google sheet - would be super if you could update it. Thanks!


can we use contractions in essays/ps?
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Hi, so my June LSAT I received a 157, and my October LSAT I got a 152 but I canceled my score. Is it recommending I write an addendum for a canceled score? #help

#Help I have a low GPA as well as a semester with an academic warning. Is it a good idea to write only one addendum and cover both issues? Or should I write two?

this is great. thank you! why isn't university of florida on here? #help


Is there a way to get my resume to have someone looked it for a few moments for some feedback.

Total 10 minutes of your time would be greatly appreciate if you are able to provide some feedback

#help If I was going to apply last year and reached out and had my recommenders write me LORs then, should I reach out and have them resubmit with a LOR dated for this year?

How do I know if I qualify as an URM?

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Dalhousie's info needs updating! The GPA requirement is on a 4.3 scale (not 4.0 so that should definitely be noted). Also, "For your GPA we take into consideration either your overall GPA, or your last 10 credits, which ever is better." (from their website), and their GPA and LSAT scores are averages, not medians #help

So I was a college athlete who got in a car accident and couldn't play anymore due to my injuries. I then got addicted to the pain killers and got sober at 19 and have been sober since (I'm 24 now). I am super involved in service work I have spoken ay highschools middle schools treatment centers and in different states and even in England. Is this a good idea to talk about or is it a red flag lol.

My family also fled concentration camps to America, I am first generation. Should I talk about this instead?

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The guy I hired to help with my statements said that the personal state should boil down to these points:

1)Why do you want to go to law school
2)when did you realize this?
3) What can make you a great lawyer?
4) What do you aspire to do with your law degree?

I feel like none of the really good statement examples focus on these things. Should I ignore what he's saying??

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If I never built any relationships with professors in college (but had a 4.0 gpa) but can provide excellent professional references, will professional references suffice? How damaged would I be by not having academic references? I graduated in 2021 so college was relatively recent.

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for the "Personal Statement - Essay Bank" - do I need to pay $10 for every single article?

I got the Unlimited Editing package for my essay and it is hands down some of the best money I have ever spent. I got to work with EmmaJean Holley, and she was just amazing! EmmaJean have been eager to find the best solutions for me. She helped me transform my essay and make it so much more engaging! I highly recommend her. #help

#help, do I say
" Criminology professors encouragement..."
" Criminology professors encouragement..." or
" Criminology Professors encouragement..."
(talking about multiple professors here).
Cannot seem to find an answer, if you can cite where you get your information so I know if you are correct or not.

What should the text of the email be to the admissions committee if you are attaching the letter? Would you write the email to the Admissions committee and the dean? please help!


#help should I spell out age numbers, or numbers of years?

Hello, I am wondering whether or not we have to disclose incidences that may have occurred in high school, like receiving a suspension for a day for witnessing and not reporting a fight? Most of the schools I'm applying to clarify that they just want to know about incidences related to postsecondary education but one school I am applying to just says "from any educational institutions" ?? Is there any way or reason to go back and look at my records from high school?? #help

Is it a good idea to send a LOCI after a hold decision? If not, what is the appropriate next step after such a decision? Is it better to wait it out? So confusing to receive an update that's not really a decision...

Question on margins - I've adjusted mine slightly to fit everything into two pages. The applications I'm working on do not specify margin sizes. Is one inch assumed, and are slight deviations frowned upon? #help

If someone took a couple of courses after finishing undergrad, does that person need to list it on their resume? It just seems like wasting resume space.
Also what about unfinished degrees like someone who started a grad program but didn't finish?
Transcripts will already be uploaded so can resumes exclude this information without upsetting law admissions?

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#help Could you alternatively name this section "Volunteer Experience"? I feel like that sounds better than "Activities"?

#help I have two questions:

1. Is it acceptable to have one bullet point for a job I worked consistently throughout college, but only worked to make ends meet? For example, waitress job, uber job, etc? I want to show I consistently worked but don't necessarily want to highlight those roles.

2. I have been working full time for two years now, is it acceptable to list committees that we serve on? I work at a University and my job is autonomous. We are allowed to join groups like the Staff Social Justice Committee, or Sexual Assault Response Team. Is it acceptable to list these under leadership/volunteer work? I chair a specific committee and serve on others. I put a substantial amount of time into these groups as the work is related to my role at the University.

#help I have several speeding and traffic citations to cover in my addendum over the last 10 years. How does one go about including multiple infractions? Clearly, I can't note on each one that I learned my lesson and haven't had any issues since given my most recent was January 2020.

If this is in an essay format, I'm having trouble determining the structure of the essay with multiple unrelated citations that happened years apart. Do I simply write a paragraph for each occurrence then close with some statements about what I learned and outline how I have made the active choice to be more careful since my latest citation?

Is adding "X Law is my first choice, and if I’m admitted, I will withdraw my other applications immediately so I can attend" a binding commitment?

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It's been 8 years since I graduated from undergrad. Do I still need to submit an academic letter of recommendation or would professional letters suffice? I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to get a good letter since it's been so long.

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Hi! I am applying to school this month after working for a while post undergrad (it will be >8 years by fall 2022). I know a lot of the guidance says to pick an interesting event/memorable story about a time you learned something important or overcame an obstacle, and that you shouldn't necessarily talk about why you want to go to law school specifically. However I currently work for a labor Union and have done a lot of grievance representation and contract negotiation work, and I want to move into Labor Law. Would telling a story about a moment in that work where having a law degree/deeper legal knowledge would have enchained my ability to do my work and explaining the practical reasons I want to go to Law School now work for a PS even if it isn't quite as personal? Or should I try to stick to a more life changing/interesting moment (likely from at least a couple years ago) instead? #help


Do law schools take into account on the toughness of Universitie's when they grade. I got a 3.47 gpa on LSAC, economics for FIU 3.6, but the class gpa was 2.89

#help if you completed education online, do you put the location as "online" or do you put the location of the school's campus?

Which GPA should write for my resume? The one adjusted based on CAS or the one that shows up on my transcript? (My school did 4.00 for A+, so the two GPA are different)

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So is applying in January with a January score that's released on February 2 considered late for T10? My October LSAT didn't go well because of technical issues, so now I am forced to apply later in the cycle.


#help So once I give a Canadian school my LSAC account number and the date I'm planning on writing on, do I need to provide any other info? Like do I need to do anything on LSAC to get them to release my score to my schools?

I receive an email from LSAC which says I didn’t submit all the transcripts from the institutions attended. I took remote and online summer courses of two institutions and the credits of them have also been successfully transferred to my major undergraduate school courses two years before which are listed in my current transcript. I did really really bad in these two courses since it doesn't count for grades after I transferred to my college. However, it counts for the grade in the college itself. Now the LSAC is asking me also submit the transcript from these two colleges. I want to know whether my summary report will be affected by the grades of these two courses and how the effect will be.
Thanks you so much!

What if one number is AT median and the other is below?

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#help Hello, can I include my legal experience even if it was from when I was in high school? Also, do you have to include every employer you've worked for in college?

#help My supervisor at work (who I've worked with for about 2 years) is more than willing to write me a recommendation, but she wants me to give her bullet points of things to include/highlight. What kinds of things should a recommendation from an employer include or emphasize? I'm not really sure what guidance to give her since I don't know myself what admissions will be looking for to read.


1. Can you apply early decision to multiple law schools? Or you can only apply early decision once?

Do you think that I should list the hours per week for each job, or only if the school specifies to do so? I only worked 10 hours per week for all of my jobs/internships, so I feel like it definitely doesn't help me to add that unless I need to. Thoughts?

Also, for Boston University, they say to "please include your current activities, whether you are currently employed or unemployed" in the resume section. I am currently looking for a job but am unsure if I will obtain one before submitting my apps. How should I format that I am currently unemployed?

#help Is it questionable to have been in the workforce for 2.5 years and submit 2 academic letters (rather than 1-2 academic & 1 from work)? Would rather my employer not know I am applying to law school but don’t want to hurt my chances

Would it be okay to write a diversity statement about being the child of an alcoholic who died because of it? #help

Her battle with alcoholism constituted most of my childhood, so I think it would be fitting, but I don't want to make it a "woe is me" kind of story.