We offer our hourly services under the following terms and conditions.

1 When the Clock Starts

After your hourly purchase, you’ll receive a welcome email. When you reply, a 7Sage manager will read over your response in order to pair you with a consultant. This reading time is not on the clock. All of your consultant’s work time, however, is on the clock, including the time he or she spends reading your initial email.

Example: You want help with a character and fitness issue. You send us an explanation of a disciplinary incident and ask what to do. A 7Sage manager reads over your email and pairs you with Conny Consultant. This pairing process does not count against your time.
After you’ve been paired, Conny will start the clock as she reads your initial email and formulates a response.

We ask all new clients for a résumé. Unless you ask for feedback on your résumé, though, we’ll only take a minute or two to glance over it. This orients us without taking much of your time.

2 Keeping Track

We’ll track our time to the nearest minute and let you know how much time you have left after each interaction.

3 Guaranteed Editorial Feedback

If you use a purchase of one hour solely for editing, we guarantee that you’ll get at least one (1) a substantial round of feedback or (2) a series of helpful suggestions over the course of several emails or conversations so long as (3) your document is 1,200 words or fewer. The substantial feedback might concern the structure and overarching narrative of your essay, the language, or both, and it might come in the form of a conversation on the phone, a written critique, a series of margin notes and tracked changes, or some combination of those.

If your document is longer than 1,200 words, if you send us more than one document to edit, or if we have a conversation about your document before we perform written feedback, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to perform a full round of written feedback in the remaining portion of your hour. Note that we consider each part of a multi-part essay to be a separate document. Thus we can't guarantee substantial editorial feedback on every part of a multi-part essay in an hour, even if the total word count is less than 1200 words.

4 No Written Feedback If You Don't Have Enough Time

We will not perform written feedback on your document if you don't have at least 45 minutes left.

5 Bonus Proofread

Every purchase one an hour comes with one proofread of a single document of up to 1,200 words. This proofread isn’t on the clock, and it’s valid for up to 7 days after you use up your hour.

(We are happy to proofread extra documents or documents longer 1,200 words, but those proofreads will be on the clock.)

Example 1: We spend an hour editing your personal statement and send it back to you. Six days later, you send us a 900-word revision.
We will proofread your essay.

Example 2: We spend an hour talking to you about your school list. Six days You send us a 600-word diversity statement.
We will proofread your diversity statement.

Example 3: You send us a 1500-word personal statement. We proofread it on the clock. It takes us twenty minutes. We spend your remaining forty minutes talking about whether you should retake the essay.
We will proofread another document of up to 1,200 words within seven days.

6 The Proofread Is Not A Second Edit

Our proofread will not include any suggestions, advice, or feedback on your revisions. The proofread only covers grammar, typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and usage errors.

7 Two-Part Essays Are Two Essays

We consider each part of a multi-part essay to be a separate document. We only guarantee that we’ll give you substantial feedback on one part of a multi-part document in an hour, even if the combined word count is less than 1200 words.

Similarly, we’ll only proofread one part of a multi-part essay off the clock, even if the combined word count is less than 1200 words.

Example: Western Law (in Ontario, Canada) calls for a personal statement to consist of two parts, A and B. Despite the fact that Western Law represents Parts A and B as different aspects of one personal statement, we only guarantee that we’ll give you substantial feedback on part A or part B, not both. We may be able to edit both in an hour; we just can’t guarantee it.
Later, you can send us either part A or part B for your bonus proofread, but not both.

In a nutshell: one prompt = one document.

8 Switching Consultants

You may request to spend different portions of your hour with different consultants. We will accommodate such requests if possible, but your new consultant will probably have to spend some time getting up to speed. That time will be on the clock.

9 Refunds

We have a qualified 6-day refund policy. If you’d like a refund, let us know within 6 days of payment to get a full refund less $250 per hour of our consultants' work time and less a 6% processing fee. For example, if we’ve spent half an hour with you, we can refund your purchase less $125 + 6% of the total cost for processing.

10 Expiration One Year After Purchase

Your hourly purchase is valid for one year after purchase.

11 No Upgrades to Unlimited Editing or Admissions Consulting

Purchases of our hourly services are not eligible for upgrades. If you would like an Unlimited Editing or Admissions Consulting package, you'll have to purchase it for the full price.

12 Purchases of Multiple Hours

You can purchase a bundle of five hours for the price of four. You aren’t eligible for the free fifth hour if you don’t purchase four hours at once.

13 What We Won’t Do:

  • Write original material for you
  • Log into LSAC or any other account on your behalf
  • Anything that feels unethical