Bellarmine University 2024 In-Person Course


May 13 to August 5


Bellarmine University Campus



6:30-9:30 PM ET

LawHub Advantage Required

More info on LawHub Advantage here

Learn the LSAT with peers in a collaborative environment.

✔️7Sage Monthly + Live subscription for 3 months

✔️12 classes with focused lessons and group Q&As

✔️Track your progress with in-depth analytics

✔️Specialized study plan with curated lessons and drills

Mon • 6:30–9:30 PM ET


You will need to select the Summer 2024 tab and then the Professional Development tab, at which point you should see the LSAT course as an option




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classes like?

Our program will progress sequentially through the Core Curriculum, starting with fundamentals and moving through advanced, section-specific strategies. Each class session will cover a set of core concepts and practice questions/passages so that students can put theory into practice.

How will this class help me prepare?

The Barrier Breakers Bootcamp will give you as many tools as possible to prepare for the test. The course schedule of virtual zoom sessions offers live instruction from top 1% scoring instructors who will walk you through the theory and practice of the test. These sessions will be available as recordings after the classes. The course will include a guided study plans for students to follow as they proceed through course, and during its entire duration you will have access to our full Live subscription.

What is included with the 7Sage Live subscription?

Our Live subscription offers unlimited access to our daily live virtual classes and hundreds of hours of recordings of prior classes. It also gives access to our core services which include every preptest and question released by the LSAC, the ability to create custom drills, tracked analytics of your preptest performance, 8,440 question explanations, and a bonus law school admissions guide.

How have similar classes impacted students' scores?

Students who enrolled in our 2023 Texas Pipeline 7Sage course and attended 90%+ of the classes improved their LSAT score by an average of 15.6 points.

They Really Like Us 😊

Take a look at these responses from our tutoring clients:

I had very high expectations going into 7Sage’s LSAT tutoring. Said expectations were exceeded.


Scott was very invested in my success and continued growth. He provided detailed analytics and specific feedback based on my practice tests and trends we saw in my performance. A tutor is not a substitute for tenacity and hard work, but Scott helped me identify my weaknesses and make my long hours of individual studying as productive as they could’ve been.


Friends and family all know the LSAT is hard, but they couldn’t relate to and support me in my LSAT journey like 7Sage did.