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You probably noticed that we revamped our commenting system.  Now you can login to comment using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Disqus.  It takes just a few seconds.  This new system lets you discuss blog posts and lessons almost in real time, and has a ton of handy features like subscribing by email, social integration, and up/down voting of comments.  Most importantly, it is fast and easy.

So you might be thinking, "Okay cool, discussions on 7Sage are easy now.  What does that have to do with improving my LSAT score?"  Well, getting our students better LSAT scores was the exact motivation behind the new commenting system...

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On Monday, the Fellows read and discussed Martin Luther King, Jr's Letter from Birmingham Jail. Below is an excerpt from an email we sent to them explaining the rationale behind the assignment:

The reason we ask you to read and discuss this letter is manifold. First, we want to remind you of those values of liberty, equality, and justice for which King gave his life. We want you to cultivate your moral fiber. Second, we want you to understand the power of a sharp intellect combined with effective rhetoric to persuade. Third, we want you to know that you have to be brave and to act to bring the change you want to see in the world. That combination of a strong moral core, a clarity of mind, and the bravery to act makes for a great human being.

It is only fitting that we post this today for today is the day that we celebrate America. We encourage everyone to pay homage to our country by reading and reflecting on King's immortal words which has so poignantly consecrated our founding values.

Happy Fourth of July.

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[Update July 9]
Thanks Angelo!

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We're happy to announce that we are adding more content to our LSAT Complete and LSAT Premium courses! Now, you will be able to download problems sets (as PDFs) straight from the course. These problem sets draw questions from LSAT PrepTests 20-35 (October 1996-October 2001). We've resorted and reorganized them according to category and type to help you recognize the patterns that recur across LSAT questions. That's key to getting a higher score!

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Every Saturday during our PreProBono Fellowship Program, we invite a Guest Speaker - a young lawyer or law student - to tell stories about law school and legal work with a public interest focus. The goal is to champion public interest law. Because it's awesome.

7Sagers, PreProBonors, and Pre-Law students everywhere, meet Francesca Butnick!

Francesca earned her B.A. from Columbia University in 2007 and her J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2010.

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7Sage is proud to run for a second year the PreProBono Fellowship, a 501(c)3 non-profit program.  PreProBono's mission is also to make high quality education more accessible.

The Fellowship Program provides in person LSAT classes to 10 pre-law students who come from minority or economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The Fellowship then moves onto essay editing and law school admissions consulting. We give the Fellows everything they need to earn acceptance to the top law schools in the country. Most importantly, we bring in a wide array of public interest guest speakers every Saturday evening to nurture our Fellows' strong interest in public interest law.

After the Fellows are successfully admitted to law school, the program comes full circle when they return to PreProBono & 7Sage to help nurture the next year's Fellows.

All of this is provided to the Fellows for free.

Alan and I are proud to have 7Sage donate our instructor's time, LSAT expertise, classroom, and the full content of all our courses to the PreProBono 2012 Fellows. We are pleased to introduce:

Amanda Weingarten
PreProBono Fellow, Fordham University 2012, Political Science

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You all asked for it, and now they're finally here!  Huzzah!

Take LSAT notes, logic notes, lesson notes, love notes, really any type of note that starts with "L"! You might be able to take notes that start with other letters too.  We haven't tested that yet. You can access the notes editor by clicking on the "Take Notes" button at the bottom of each lesson.  You can also see all the notes you have written by going to Course --> Notes in the menu. There's more!
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We received a thank you card from Kevin, one of our students studying in Germany. Kevin: you're awesome. We love getting cards in the mail! Probably more than that little boy is loving his ice cream cone. I'll just leave our mailing address here: 7Sage, 424 W. 54th St. New York, NY 10019, in case anyone else wants to send us a card or gold coins.

Kevin's agreed to let us share it with everyone!

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[Update July 1]: We are pleased to announce the winner of our give away: Congratulations Maggie H! We have a runner up prize for everyone who entered: A coupon for 10% off the price of LSAT Premium and LSAT Complete, which was emailed to everyone who entered. Thank you all for your participation! [End of update.]

For the first time in the history of mankind, 7Sage is giving away the LSAT Complete course to one lucky person. People are truly amazed. "It's so shiny, I want one!" gushed one person, who may have been J.Y. Ping.

News of this monumental event has spread around the globe. In India, another person said "Wow, you would have to be stupid not to enter this contest. Also, Alan is great!"

You even get extra entries for spreading the word. What are you wating for? Get your ticket to LSAT-studying-nirvana here:

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I used to love Mad Libs when I was little.  Kids would get a couple books of Mad Libs on their birthday, and then have to protect them from their friends who didn't have any of their own and wanted to use up their valuable Mad Lib books.  Friends like me ;).  Well now I can make my own using the interwebs, so I don't need friends anymore!

This is a special Mad Lib, it makes LSAT questions. Try it out here: LSAT Mad Lib Maker

Look below for the one I did myself.  I'm sure you can make a better one.  Not.

LSAT Mad Lib – Hell is not perfect, no fails on perfect land (by Alan)

People who say that Hell is perfect are clearly wrong. On perfect land, fails by water is not a problem. Consequently, farmers whose land is perfect do not build playpens to prevent fails. Yet I hear that the farms in Hell are dotted with playpens.

The author's conclusion in the passage depends on the assumption that

  • (A) the only cause of fails is water
  • (B) there are playpens on farmland in Hell which were build to prevent fails
  • (C) playpens of the kind found on farmland in Hell have been shown to prevent fails
  • (D) on perfect land there is no fails
  • (E) the only playpens in Hell are on farmland
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