Boston In-Person LSAT
Fundamentals Class

January 14 to April 7

Boston, MA


Matthew Todd

Matthew Todd



2:00-5:00 PM ET

Boston University

Classroom info available upon purchase

Learn the LSAT with peers in a collaborative environment.

7Sage Monthly + Live subscription for the duration of the class

12 in-person sessions with focused lessons and group Q&As

Includes a free virtual Logic Games class for anyone taking the LSAT in April or June, available live and asynchronously

Specialized study plan with curated lessons and drills

Sun • 2:00–5:00 PM ET

Boston University



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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this class for?

Our in-person program works in tandem with our online Core Curriculum to complement your self-directed studying on the 7Sage website with collaborative, live instruction. Regardless of your current preparation level or when you plan to take the LSAT, this course is designed to cover all the fundamentals.

What are the sessions like?

Our program will progress sequentially through the Core Curriculum, starting with fundamentals and moving through advanced, section-specific strategies. Each class session will cover a set of core concepts and practice questions/passages so that students can put theory into practice.

What’s your refund policy?

A full refund is available up to 1 week before the first class. A 50% refund is available until the day before the first class. No refunds thereafter.

Are there community norms? 

To help ensure that our in-person classes remain safe, respectful environments for all our students, we ask that all participants abide by our code of conduct.

Are you affiliated with Boston University? 

No. Though we have rented classroom space from Boston University, our program is neither affiliated with nor explicitly endorsed by the university.

They Really Like Us 😊

Take a look at these responses from our tutoring clients:

I had very high expectations going into 7Sage’s LSAT tutoring. Said expectations were exceeded.


Scott was very invested in my success and continued growth. He provided detailed analytics and specific feedback based on my practice tests and trends we saw in my performance. A tutor is not a substitute for tenacity and hard work, but Scott helped me identify my weaknesses and make my long hours of individual studying as productive as they could’ve been.


Friends and family all know the LSAT is hard, but they couldn’t relate to and support me in my LSAT journey like 7Sage did.