Around 20% of GRE questions involve "data analysis." These questions typically involve looking at data/graphs/tables in order to find certain values, like the median or percent change. Other questions ask about important statistical concepts, like the normal distribution.

All the posts in this series can be found here:

  1. What is Data? Variables and frequencies
  2. Statistical Concepts
    1. What's Typical? Means, medians, and modes
    2. What's Possible? Ranges, quartiles, and percentiles
  3. Reading Graphs: An Introduction 
    1. Bar Graphs (and Segmented Bar Graphs)
    2. Circle Graph
    3. Histogram
    4. Box Plot
    5. Scatterplot (and Trends)
    6. Using Graphs to Approximate Statistics (e.g. mean, median, quartiles, percentiles)
  4. Normal distributions

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