Live Classes and Webinars

Beating Curvebreakers · Raphael Piliero

Event Series Beating Curvebreakers
Logical Reasoning Live Class Advanced

Ever puzzled by a 5-star question, even after watching the video? This class is for you! You’ll run through the hardest LR questions live and get to ask for follow-up explanations from a 180-scorer.   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Raphael here to find out more.

Hard Passages · Josh Aldy

Event Series Hard Passages
Advanced Live Class Reading Comprehension

Need help understanding those pesky, dense RC passages? In this class, you'll go through hard 4-5 star passages with one of 7Sage's most experienced tutors!  

Error Diagnosis · Josh Aldy

Event Series Navigating 7Sage Analytics
Live Class Strategy Advanced Office Hour

Join 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy to dig into tricky questions you're struggling with to diagnose foundational misunderstandings in your reasoning! Bring questions you're struggling with, and we will delve into your reasoning to find the exact place where your understanding of the material deviates from the correct understanding. Wrong Answer Journals and BR errors are […]

LSAT Ask Me Anything · Raphael Piliero

Event Series LSAT Ask Me Anything
Logical Reasoning Live Class Logic Games Reading Comprehension Office Hour

Have any burning questions about the LSAT? Or a PT question you'd like to review? Join us for weekly office hours and pick the brain of a 180-scorer for as long as you need! Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Raphael here to find out more.

Core Curriculum V2: Foundations · J.Y. Ping

Event Series Core Curriculum V2: Foundations
Live Class Beginner Foundations General Strategy

Join JY as he unveils 7Sage's new LSAT Foundations curriculum! Over the course of 8 lecture style classes Monday-Thursday, JY will guide you through a comprehensive learning journey, starting from ground zero and assuming no prior knowledge of the LSAT. Each class will build upon the previous one, allowing you to develop a solid foundation […]

Logic Games: Testing Truths and Falsities · Kavita Oza

Event Series Truths and Falsities
Beginner Live Class Logic Games

Do you often find yourself tangled in Logic Games, unsure of how to test for 'Must be True', 'Could be True', 'Must be False', and 'Could be False' scenarios? This class is designed specifically to help you navigate these challenges with ease and confidence. We delve into the distinguishing characteristics of these question types, providing […]