Live Classes and Webinars

Core Curriculum V2: Foundations · J.Y. Ping

Event Series Core Curriculum V2: Foundations
Live Class Beginner Foundations General Strategy

Join JY as he unveils 7Sage's new LSAT Foundations curriculum! Over the course of 8 lecture style classes Monday-Thursday, JY will guide you through a comprehensive learning journey, starting from ground zero and assuming no prior knowledge of the LSAT. Each class will build upon the previous one, allowing you to develop a solid foundation […]

RC Passage Analysis · J.Y. Ping

Event Series RC Passage Analysis
Live Class Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension doesn't have to be your most difficult section! Join JY as he works through an RC passage and covers essential strategies to master Reading Comprehension.   Note: This class will be reviewing the same RC passages as 7Sage Instructor Alex's RC Passage Analysis Class.  This class will be reviewing PT 65 Passage 2.

LSAT Ask Me Anything · Bailey Luber

Event Series LSAT Ask Me Anything
Logical Reasoning Live Class Logic Games Reading Comprehension Office Hour

Have any burning questions about the LSAT? Or a PT question you’d like to review? Join us for weekly office hours and pick the brain of one of 7Sage's most experienced tutors for as long as you need!   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Bailey here to find out more.

Fill in the Blank (Most Strongly Supported) · Bailey Luber

Event Series Fill in the Blank: Most Strongly Supported
Logical Reasoning Live Class Beginner

Do you struggle sometimes with those pesky fill in the blank question types? 7Sage instructor Bailey will illuminate the process on how to tackle these questions with ease!   Bailey's Notes:   Interested in private tutoring? Book a free consultation with Bailey here to find out more.

Mastering Necessary Assumptions · Josh Aldy

Event Series Mastering Necessary Assumptions
Beginner Logical Reasoning Live Class

Join 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy to learn everything you need to know about necessary assumptions, a critical component of LSAT success. In this class, our experienced instructors will guide you through the key concepts and strategies that will help you identify and analyze necessary assumptions in Logical Reasoning questions!   Note: If you'd like access to […]

7Sage Orientation [FREE] · Bailey Luber

Event Series 7Sage Orientation [FREE]
Live Class Free General Strategy

Embark on your LSAT journey by attending 7Sage Orientation! Specifically designed to guide LSAT beginners, this class offers a clear roadmap, strategic study plans, and a wealth of essential resources to provide you with the tools needed to kickstart your LSAT preparation. Best of all, we're offering this empowering session at no cost, showing our […]

Introduction to Logic Games · Josh Aldy

Event Series Introduction to Logic Games
Live Class Logic Games Beginner

Struggling to get a handle on logic games? In this class, you will learn the basic skills you need to move through Logic Games quickly and accurately. We'll be going over key game types, the best way to set up your game board, foolproofing, and the importance of a procedure.

Study Plan Workshop [FREE] · Bailey Luber

Event Series Study Plan Workshop [FREE]
Live Class Logic Games Reading Comprehension Free General Strategy Logical Reasoning

Facing a plateau in your studies and not sure what to do? Need help planning out the next few months of your studies? In this workshop, in this class, our 7Sage instructor will present everything you need to know about creating the perfect study plan to get you to your goal score. After a short […]

Advanced Reading Bootcamp [Cancelled] · Julia Greve

Event Series Advanced Reading Bootcamp
Live Class Reading Comprehension Advanced

Reading Comprehension is rumored to be the most difficult LSAT section to master. But it doesn't have to be! Join 7Sage tutor and former high school match teacher Julia in discussing the drilling techniques most effective in findings your personalized strategy for RC. This class will use difficult rated passages to explore textual analysis. Julia's […]

Before The Questions [Cancelled] · Julia Greve

Event Series Before the Questions
Live Class Beginner Logical Reasoning

Join 7Sage tutor and former high school math teacher Julia each Friday to try out effective drilling methods! We will complete together a few questions here and there, but our main focus will be on methods to drill all potential problem areas in logical reasoning!   Note: This class has been cancelled. We're very sorry […]

LR Section Review [Cancelled] · Julia Greve

Event Series LR Section Review
Logical Reasoning Live Class Advanced

Do you want to cover logical reasoning questions and also timing strategy? If so, this is the class for you! Each week, we will review specific questions on a particular LR section before going through the questions. Check out the notes each week to try the section in advance before joining the class!   Note: […]