Live Classes and Webinars

Mastering Necessary Assumptions · Alex Jacobs

Event Series Mastering Necessary Assumptions
Logical Reasoning Live Class Beginner

Join 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy to learn everything you need to know about necessary assumptions, a critical component of LSAT success. In this class, our experienced instructors will guide you through the key concepts and strategies that will help you identify and analyze necessary assumptions in Logical Reasoning questions!   Note: If you'd like access to […]

Introduction to Logic Games · Alex Jacobs

Event Series Introduction to Logic Games
Live Class Logic Games Beginner

Struggling to get a handle on logic games? In this class, you will learn the basic skills you need to move through Logic Games quickly and accurately. We'll be going over key game types, the best way to set up your game board, foolproofing, and the importance of a procedure.   Note: 7Sage instructor Josh […]

Hard Passages · Julia Greve

Event Series Hard Passages
Advanced Live Class Reading Comprehension

Need help understanding those pesky, dense RC passages? In this class, you'll go through hard 4-5 star passages with one of 7Sage's most experienced tutors! Chris' Notes:   Note: 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy usually teaches this class, but 7Sage Instructor Julia Greve will be subbing for him this week. 

Error Diagnosis · Julia Greve

Office Hour Live Class Strategy Advanced

Join 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy to dig into tricky questions you're struggling with to diagnose foundational misunderstandings in your reasoning! Bring questions you're struggling with, and we will delve into your reasoning to find the exact place where your understanding of the material deviates from the correct understanding. Wrong Answer Journals and BR errors are […]