Live Classes and Webinars

The Spectrum of Support · Kavita Oza

Event Series The Spectrum of Support
Logical Reasoning Advanced

Are you struggling to understand the notion of support and how it plays a role in Logical Reasoning? In this interactive class series, we'll guide you through an in-depth exploration and analysis of various types of questions within the strengthening subset, including NA, Strengthen, PSAr, and SA. This course is particularly beneficial if you find […]

Mastering Necessary Assumptions · Josh Aldy

Event Series Mastering Necessary Assumptions
Logical Reasoning Beginner

Join 7Sage instructor Josh Aldy to learn everything you need to know about necessary assumptions, a critical component of LSAT success. In this class, our experienced instructors will guide you through the key concepts and strategies that will help you identify and analyze necessary assumptions in Logical Reasoning questions!   Note: If you'd like access to […]

LR: Getting to Perfect · Julia Greve

Event Series Logical Reasoning: Getting to Perfect
Beginner Logical Reasoning

In this class you will learn something shocking: you can perfect Logical Reasoning. Perhaps even more efficiently than you might improve in the traditionally “easier” section, Logic Games. Join LR guru Julia on a weekly basis on discussing how to perfect Logical Reasoning one question type at a time. For the topics of each week, […]

LR Section Review · Julia Greve

Event Series LR Section Review
Logical Reasoning Advanced

Do you want to cover logical reasoning questions and also timing strategy? If so, this is the class for you! Each week, we will review specific questions on a particular LR section before going through the questions. Check out the notes each week to try the section in advance before joining the class! LR Section […]

Most Strongly Supported Vs. Must Be True Questions · Thomas Langmuir

Logical Reasoning Beginner

There is an important degree of support when dealing with Most Strongly Supported (MSS) or Must Be True (MBT) questions. In this class, we’ll compare these question types and the kind of inference analysis required for each!

The Flaw Factory · Alex Jacobs

Event Series The Flaw Factory
Logical Reasoning

Do you struggle with the Flaw question type in logical reasoning? If so, this class is for you! Join 7Sage LR guru Alex in this class to explore flaws and the fundamentals behind success in this question type.

Logical Reasoning Bootcamp (4 of 6) · Rahela Sami

Event Series Logical Reasoning Bootcamp
Logical Reasoning Beginner

Join our 6-session LSAT Logical Reasoning Bootcamp! We'll start off with easy to medium difficulty questions, covering all question types. As the course progresses, we will increase the complexity of the problems, moving towards a review session that mixes question types and increases difficulty levels, ensuring you grasp the nuances of each type. The bootcamp […]

LR: Resolve, Reconcile, Explain · Thomas Langmuir

Logical Reasoning Beginner

Dive into the world of Resolve, Reconcile, and Explain (RRE) questions! This LSAT class specifically crafted for beginners seeking to unravel the complexities of RRE questions.