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How to negate most and most not?

dictronic110dictronic110 Alum Member
edited July 2014 in Logical Reasoning 67 karma
Now I know the opposite of some is none and the opposite of some .. not is all. What about the opposite of most and most .. not? I can see the opposite of most would be at most half, how about most .. not? Thanks!


  • kraft.phillipkraft.phillip Free Trial Member Inactive Sage
    444 karma
    Most pens are black.

    The negation is as follows:
    (it is not the case) that most pens are black. most pens are not black.

    Most pens are not black.

    The negation is as follows:
    (it is not the case) that most pens are not black. Most pens are black.

    Unless I am severely mistaken.
  • vandyzachvandyzach Free Trial Member
    358 karma
    While I haven't taken every PT yet, I can't remember where the LSAT tested the negation of "most" in a question.

    I am guessing that you are talking about a necessary assumption question. The negation test can help with these, but I would encourage you to use it when you have the answer choices down to two or so, and don't sue it unless you find it helpful.

    Anyhow, give us the PT, Section, and question number from the problem you're having trouble with. Like I said, I can't remember when the LSAT tested this, but it could very well be the case that I have not yet seen it, or that I forgot it.
  • dictronic110dictronic110 Alum Member
    67 karma
    The Q is PT36, S3, #14, answer choice C. I think phillip is right by just adding and deleting the "not".
  • fawazpiroo1-1-1fawazpiroo1-1-1 Core Member
    6 karma

    So basically you are using some...not to negate most? Would that be right?

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