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I really appreciate the LG videos. They have been very helpful. Thank you! I am feeling very confident about setting up a game and making inferences. My issue right now is that it takes me FOREVER to go through the questions, especially the first question on each game, those where there is tons of language. The dinosaur game comes to mind (Test 57,game 3). I was able to set it up correctly & got all questions right but it was "painful" to go through each question and answer which contained so much convoluted language. I would like to know if you have tips, general information, or tutorials on how to approach LG questions/ question types with the goal of moving through them quickly without losing accuracy?
Many thanks in advance!


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    Hey Viviana, there are many posts on this issue, so check them out!
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    ok- Thank you! I will.
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    Just some broad things about LG: 1) if you want to get faster practice, practice, practice. It's cliche but when you do it enough it become second nature. 2) Try to make deductions up-front and I almost guarantee if you make a second or third deduction from that inference their will be a question on it. There's only so many questions they can ask you so try to anticipate the questions based upon your up-front diagramed scenarios. 3) Check previous work to make sure you're not doing extra work. More often than not you can eliminate several incorrect answers from the hypotheticals you've already done. 4) Selectively go through the answer choices. If your struggling with time then brute forcing your way through probably isn't the best option for you. If the answer choice says "each of the following could be true EXCEPT" don't try each one but instead but a little ~ (Theta) next to it as J.Y. does if it looks good and selectively go to the one that looks like it won't work or will have several complications because several rules trigger. 5) Keep track of time you need to finish the first two games within 15 minutes ALWAYS. Which means if your at 15 means and your not done game 1 & 2 you have a lot of work to do because this is not optional it's an absolute necessity. Games 3 & 4 will usually take 8-10 minutes a piece so if you don't store up a time bank for them your not going to get the results your looking for. Hope this helps, good luck on your studies!
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    That's actually a tilde. Sorry, it just bugged me.
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