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LSAT Tech Advice

MoosaderMoosader Alum Member
edited March 2017 in General 234 karma

I have some questions on how to make note taking and studying more efficient. (My apologies in advance for lack of tech lingo).

General: How do you incorporate tech into your study? I use Microsoft Word to take notes per question type and store my notes on iCloud for mobile review. I use quizlet for any concepts that may be drillable, that way I can have them in my pocket at all times. However, if I want to look at a specific question, I have to write down the questions location (25.3.20), put my notes below the location, then find either the hard copy of the question or use the question bank and look back and forth. Maybe I'm lazy, but I like to think my laziness inspires creativity and efficiency.

Specific: Related to the above, I am wondering if anyone has thought of a quicker, easier way to portably drill real lsat question besides cumbersome formatting and drilling on MW? There are some aspects of note taking that are much easier typing and others that are much easier with a pen. Does anyone know how I might get a digital copy of a question (any method that avoids scanning/printing) be able to type above and under it and write freely on the page (annotations, logic game boards) in a digital format, like with a bamboo digital writey thing or an iPad pro? I'm trying to find a digital, convenient, efficient, and portable way to jot down, review, and drill notes, with typing and free form writing next to/on real lsat questions. I really want to avoid difficult formatting (MW), inefficient drilling (MW), limited note taking ability (only typing), having to scan or print anything, or having to look back and forth from notes to question. I hope I'm making sense.


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