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Choosing Answers that You Thought You Remembered on a Retake but are Actually Wrong...

JustDoItJustDoIt Alum Member
in General 3112 karma

Does anyone else do this? I may have been way above my target score on this test if I didn't fall into this trap. The worst part is, I do it all the time. I think I remember an answer but it is actually the answer that I chose the last time I took the test and it was incorrect.

Any help in combating this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Mo ZubairMo Zubair Alum Member
    edited March 2017 391 karma

    Thanks @JustDoIt for bringing this up.
    This happens with me quite often as well. I try to rationalize the answer but end up making the same mistake in reasoning again. Advice on this will be much appreciated.

  • stepharizonastepharizona Alum Member
    3197 karma

    Whenever you think you remeber an answer always work back through the logic and write a short note/few words why you picked the answer.

    I found this really useful for retakes and it captured info I wasnt seeing in BR as it was in the "timed moment".

    It helped me see weaknesses and paterns I was missing.

    Theres also the gut check aspect but just try to just work through the problem.

  • paniz.gh91paniz.gh91 Free Trial Member
    82 karma

    It happens from time to time and I'm thankful for them when they do happen because I have to force myself to work through the question and at times fight with my gut feeling. This is what I do in general if I have a feeling that I remember a question I do my best to find the flaw before I go to the answer choices and if I'm down to two answer choices, I don't pick the one that I remember because it could very much likely be the wrong answer choices I had picked before so more reasons to use logic and reasoning!

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