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How to keep going without letting the stress of this test get the best me—any ideas?

annewr253annewr253 Legacy Member
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Hi guys! I am slightly new to 7sage, in the sense that I still working through the CC. I have been pretty silent when it comes to posting, but a total sponge to everyone else's. I am struggling a bit, and I feel like this is the best place for some much needed advice. Long story short: I am preparing for the Dec test with a 3.0 undergrad GPA, so I know have to literally give this prep my all and have been for the last month. But I am feeling really off track in terms of my focus and overwhelmed at the density of material I am trying not only learn, but master. I work full time and carve out most of study time around work (4 hrs/day )or if I can get in some time in the office I try to as well. I know it's early on in my road to taking this test, but do you guys have any pointers for encouragement during the studying process to avoid being bogged down with the thoughts "This is soo much stuff" and the stress of it. I feel like its starting to take away from my focus at this point... P.S. Sorry if that seems all over the place lol


  • dml277dml277 Alum Member
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    Hey! I'm sure many of us have been through the phase where LSAT just feels too overwhelming. I've found it to be helpful to write out exactly what you hope to achieve on a weekly basis. If you're off track for a day or two, that's okay. You'll just remind yourself to work harder the rest of the week. This leaves some flexibility but not so much so that you still can get things done. Besides that, I go for a walk or run when I can't stay focused. I usually come back to studying with a more refreshed mind. Hope this helps!

  • Summer17Summer17 Alum Member
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    I just try to stay optimistic, it helps a lot! Also, believe it or not I'm even starting to enjoy studying for the lsat. :smile:

  • AlexAlex Alum Member
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    Check out this Webinar:

    After watching this I found some techniques that ultimately I still use, and they help!

  • rafaelitorafaelito Alum Member
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    It's through 7sage that I found headspace, a meditation website and app, and I freaking love it! It has not only helped me with my LSAT journey but with dealing with the stresses of life in general. I highly recommend it. You got this though! There are countless people on here that started with low diagnostics and have slowly made or are making their way up. Slow and steady wins the race.

  • Mellow_ZMellow_Z Alum Member
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    Use these forums as a social aspect if not just as a study tool. These people (we) are also going through the same battles that you are you. We can relate to the LSAT struggles, unlike your friends and family members who haven't gone through a similar test.

    You will find a lot of help with LSAT materials, but not only that, you will find an emotional support group as well.

    I somewhat regularly go through phases of feeling incredibly overwhelmed about the test, and even sometimes neurotic of my ability. I think it's just part of the process. It should drive you to want to do better to prove yourself wrong. Stay diligent, take breaks when you need them, and have a loose study plan to keep you on track. I want to emphasize the term "loose", because having a strict plan will make you even more stressed if you can't adhere to it. I originally tried to plan every hour of my week in terms of what content I would study, what games I would do, and eventually got super overwhelmed with it. As long as you are doing something related to the LSAT whenever you set side time, you should be proud of your work. Feel free to PM me at any time if you need to ask questions or just want to talk! I'm happy to talk LSAT, study advice, or anything else off topic if you need it.

    I (and many others) have been in your shoes before, and I just want to say that it gets better! :smile:

  • annewr253annewr253 Legacy Member
    439 karma

    I really appreciate the feedback everyone, will definitely look into all of these tips use implement! and @Mellow_Z I'm sure I'll be bugging you at some point lol

  • gioaragon95gioaragon95 Alum Member
    edited May 2017 174 karma

    Belief in one's self is everything. Keep trying and don't give up. Everyone here in most cases are or have gone through what you are going through. But you can do this. Don't focus too much on the destination but on the journey. What's important is what today brings and what tasks and problems you have to face today in order to get to where you want to be in the future.

    If by chance the GPA problem is bothering your mentality. Know that people with 3.0 or less have scored very high on this exam. So the question is, why not you? If they can do it then so can you. Leave the past behind you and just focus on the now if you can.

    We all have self doubt, no matter how successful we have been in the past, and still doubt slowly creeps up on us from time-to-time, but you have to believe that you can still do this because you can. If you try nothing is impossible.

    So just keep trying =)

    We are all in the same boat.

  • annewr253annewr253 Legacy Member
    439 karma

    Thanks-- totally needed this!

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