Fool Proofing Logic Games - before or during PTs?

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I'm 50% done with the CC. I've been seeing a lot about fool proofing and can definitely see the benefits. Should I completely fool proof before starting all of the PTs, or during? I'm planning to take in Dec and rn am poised to be done with the CC by mid-July


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    @kimmy_m66 you have time to fool proof before you PT before Dec. I would say if you're struggling with LG don't start PT until you fool proof. LG was my "easiest" section so I started PT and I worked on LG along the way. I would start out with 5 copies and go from there with the fool proof method for any games I found complicated or for any games that I missed questions. Depending on where you are in the curriculum I don't see an issue with starting now on fool proofing.

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    I think during the CC or after the CC (before PTing) is probably the best time to do it. If games don't come naturally, you will likely need to do some LG work every week to keep the skills fresh in your brain, so might as well start early I guess?

    If do did start super early (like now) then you could definitely scale down how much you do each week, which would help alleviate some of the LG burn out you will see others discuss.

    On topic, you should check out Can't Get Right's webinar (when it gets posted) about what to do when you finish the CC - I believe he includes this in the "after CC but before PT" category. I'll check my notes on this for you when I get home from work today.

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    Good advice above. Your approach will probably depend on where your strengths lie. If you're better at LG than LR (rare) then consider focusing on the CC before fool proofing games. If you're like most of us and LG is your weakest section to begin with, I recommend fool proofing a few games a week while still in the cc to begin building that foundation. Maybe you've seen this, but the Pacifico method for fool proofing works for most.

    And there was also a more recent most where current 7Sagers shared their methods.

    In any case, it sounds like you are positioned really well for December. Best of luck!

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    All good advice above.

    I would say to get started on fool proofing before starting PTs, but you might end up doing both simultaneously. If you start to find that your timed completion of an entire LG section is getting down to below 35 minutes, then you can probably start doing PTs.

    If you're able to go -3 or -4 on an LG section, it's probably worth it to just start doing some PTs rather than delaying for another 6-8 weeks.

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    Thanks for the awesome advice everyone! From what I'm reading, all options have merit. Perhaps once I'm done with the LG curriculum I'll begin fool proofing so I don't forget the main concepts.

    @AllezAllez21 said:

    If you're able to go -3 or -4 on an LG section, it's probably worth it to just start doing some PTs rather than delaying for another 6-8 weeks.

    Yeah for June 07 I got -4 on LG. So you're suggesting I could do PTs while fool proofing?

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    I think you could. I would probably spend 10-14 days after completing the CC doing fool proofing and drilling what I felt were my biggest weaknesses. Then you could get started on PTing. Especially right after the CC, you probably shouldn't do more than 1 PT per week. There is so much to learn from them that it's better to not rush.

    I think the most important element of LSAT prep is to just not practice bad habits. Get down all the correct habits and processes, and practice those with consistency. Then things will fall into place. If you rush to get to the next step without fundamental mastery, you will just engrain bad habits.

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