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[Test Center Review] Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, Grand Rapids, MI

tylerdschreur10tylerdschreur10 Alum Member

Friendly enough, spoke clearly and answered questions clearly.

The Test was downtown Grand Rapids, address clearly marked, easy to find from directions on Western's website.
What kind of room:
They split us by last name into 4 medium sized lecture halls on two different floors. Air conditioned, felt roughly 68 degrees, comfortable the whole time.

How many in the room:

Continuous table with a space skipped between each test taker. More than adequate space for test booklet, answer sheet and gear. Chairs were adjustable and comfortable, more than satisfactory. Clearly visible clocks on either side of the room, Large enough to see hands and numbers easily.

Left-handed accommodation:

Noise levels:
Nothing from outside the room. I never noticed traffic, construction, train sounds, or anything like that. Just pencil scratching and occasional cough or sniffle.

There's a free public parking ramp next door, which I only realized afterward Next building south on Commerce! :( Otherwise there is minimal metered parking on the street.

Time elapsed from arrival to test:
Check-in was at 12:30, I was in my car at about 5:45 So about 5 hours. Took a long time to get everyone check in and start the test, but once we started the proctors didn't waste any time.

Irregularities or mishaps:

Other comments:

Would you take the test here again?
Certainly, planning to come September unless my score is shockingly high, haha

Date[s] of Exam[s]:
June 12, 2017

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