PT9.S4.Q07 - incidence of cancer in japan

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So for this question, can someone help me out with why it's not "E" "The higher cancer rates of Japanese immigrants to North America are caused by fats in the North American diet."

I understand why "D" works. But I don't get what excludes "E" and since I operate on excluding incorrect answers first before selecting a correct answer, I got this question wrong both in my first pass and after my blind review.


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    Hi @AlexanderCM !

    I think (E) is problematic for two reasons:

    1) "fats"
    The stimulus never discussed whether the North American diets contain more fats than the Japanese diets. Maybe Japanese people eat more fatty fish than North Americans. We just don't know from this stimulus.

    2) Causal relationship
    (E) says "The higher cancer rates"..."are caused by." The stimulus discusses the correlation, and I don't think we can conclude that there is a causal factor.

    In other words, we cannot conclude anything about what is causing or curing cancer from this stimulus. (I personally think the difference has to do with the healthcare system or something...)

    Hope this helps :)

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    Thanks! It does help

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