HELP ! really struggling whether to cancel or not (2017 June 25th test, Asia)

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sorry another question regarding whether to cancel or not :(
I just finished the test today and I am sure that I screwed up one of the LG sections.
It's my first time taking LSAT and
My situation is :
I got
LG, LR, RC, LR, LG on test day
I know that I totally screwed up the first LG section, I am sure that I got at least -6 on it (I guessed 5 questions because I ran out of the time)
I did better at the second LG but still guessed 2-3 questions.
LG was supposed to be my best performing sections which I usually got a -0 or -1 on preptests, but I have no idea why I get stuck by some of the questions on test day, this is why I ran out of time :((( I felt terrible because I know that I underperformed today.

I can't figure out which one is the experiment section (both sections is fairly similar regarding the difficulty)... but I am sure that I underperformed in either LG sections...

I usually get -8 to -10 on LR and I felt like I would probably got the same result on today's test since I still ran out of my time and guessed for 3-4 questions in total.

RC is always my weakest section, but I felt I did okay on RC today, although I am still feeling like I was just using my gut to answers many of the questions and not really sure about all of them...

The reason that I am thinking about canceling is : I am pretty sure that I won't use this score to apply for law school because I am aiming for 165+, and I really don't feel like I could reach this goal on this test. Also, if the LG section I screwed up is the real one, then my score will highly likely to be very very low (140 ish or 150 ish !?), and I am really worry that it will give a bad impression to the law school that I apply to or they might average them !!!
The reason that I am thinking about keeping the score is : if I am really lucky, the LG section I screwed up is the experiment one, and I get lucky on LR and RC sections, there is still possibility I could score a 160+ or maybe even 165+(If I am extremely lucky lol). In addition, while I can already expect that I won't get a satisfying score, I really want to know exactly how I performed this time even if it is bad.

I already decided that I would definitely take the following September exam since I am ultimately aiming for a 170+, and I am really struggling now knowing that it is highly likely I won't get a satisfying score, while still want to know exactly how I performed ...

I appreciate a lot if someone could offer me some advices, thank you so so much !


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    Hi @clover.wong59 !

    According to this comment on Top Law Schools, the real LG had a question about long commercial/short commercial.

    Since most law schools only look at the highest score, some may say that you should look at your score. But the LSAT in Asia is undisclosed, and if you know you underperformed and don't even want to look at the score, you should probably cancel. Ultimately it is up to you.

    Good luck :)

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    Ah!!! This may sound crazy, but I'm sooo happy to read this! I also took it today (in China) and feel the exact same way about the unexpected difficulty of todays's exam!!

    So. Down to business.

    I have confirmed that our first LG section was the experimental that won't count. (The one with beer bottles, grooming and training, etc.) I confirmed this because even though it seems that we definitely had a different exam from those that took it in US a couple weeks ago, we had the SAME experimental section. I recognized the keywords in the posts about their exam for just the experimental section, but none of the other sections and that would make sense since LSAC is very cautious about makinf sure there's no advantage to those that take the test on different days (so I wasnt expecting the same exam).

    Given this alone, I wouldn't cancel. I reckon/hope that your score might actually surprise you. Though there seems to only be 2 of us on here so far, this is not my first time taking the LSAT and I had done all of the most recent PTs. I know that on test day, nerves can be a factor, but I felt this exam was significantly tougher than all the ones I've taken so far. I do sometimes have issues with time but lately I had improved. Despite that, today I ran out of time and had to guess on an entire RC passage, and an entire LG game, plus 2-3 questions from another game. Like you, I felt the LR was unremarkable--hard to tell. Given that we both kind of shared the same experience, there's hope that it was just a tough exam and there will be generous curve. If this is the case, maybe we both did better than we hoped! I've got my fingers crossed for this option.

    In addition, most (in not, all) law schools just take your top score now and if you do get the score you're looking for then they won't care. Though, it's true that we unfortunately won't get a full break down of the test and see what we got right/wrong, I don't really see any advantage to cancelling your score. But I see, a glimmer of hope that maybe you didnt do as bad as you thought. I felt the same, but I'm erring on the side of hope and waiting to see what the outcome may be.

    I'm really relieved to see your post! I was borderline depressed after leaving and had given up hope on finding anyone to commiserate with! Good luck! Happy to compare notes further if you like! Here's hoping for a strong curve on mid-160s score ?.

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    Happy to see people here who just took the test like me! We are in the same spot. :smiley: I am aiming at 165+ (170+ would be great) as well. It is my first time taking real LSAT and I take it as a water testing. Actually, I have done only a few full PTs (I know it is crazy). But I am planing to apply this fall, so I am mainly targeting on Sept. test.

    I consulted with several current JD students, they all told me that taking more than once makes little influence. So I took this one to prepare for the Sept. test.

    I guessed a whole game on the test, guessed 5 question on RC and guessed 3 question on the first LR. I had LR, RC, LR, LG, LR. I can confirm that @4everchasing is right about the experimental section. I also find the LG is harder than usual. Although I haven't done many full time PT, I never guessed a whole game on a single timed LG section. And it is my first section of the second half, so I think it is not resulted from the tiredness. Yeah, it is tough.

    I had bad warm up issue. I was slow and not really processing on the first LR. And I finished about 3 minutes in advance in the 5th section. I felt better and better during the test, so I think I know how to do better, and my studying is roughly in the right direction, but I am lack of PT experience (which is obvious).

    After reading your words, @"clover.wong59" , I guess that it is worth for you to save the test. Schools nowadays only look at the highest score, and luckily, your worst section is experimental. So I feel like you are somewhere between high 150 to low 160. It won't kill you and it is benefiting to see how you actually performed in the real test.

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    Since this is your first take, I wouldn't cancel.

    I took the test today as well and I felt like I went too quickly and made errors in LR. I wasn't able to focus on RC and I guessed on 4 questions on the LG. I am aiming for a 165+ and I think that is an unlikely scenario. Unlikely, but not impossible so I am going to keep my score.

    Overall, even if you did far below your goal today (let's say sub 160), you are in great shape to get that 165+ next time around and such a large gap between your scores will make it clear that you had a tough test day, studied, then did well next time around.

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    @akistotle @4everchasing @nyc2dc2ca @sjiang666 thank you all for the responses and suggestions !! It helps me a lot to decide whether to cancel it or not ! Thank you so much !

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