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LSAT Ultimate or Tutoring with Jonathan?

GraceloverGracelover Alum Member
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Does anyone have the LSAT Ultimate? Did you find significant help from it, and did you see results in your scores?
Which one should I choose, if I had to choose one? I can only afford one....

The reason why I am upgrading is because I recently I took a really hard hit...I've been working on the most recent prep tests and my score, which was averaging around 168-170, dropped to 160-163...
One thing that I thought was really helpful about 7sage was listening to JY review the tests. When I take the actual tests, I can hear his voice in my head and it actually helps me go faster...


  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
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    I have ultimate and the additional material in the early lessons was very helpful. I also started taking the earlier PTs that come with the Ultimate and I'm only now at PT 52 and plan to complete through PT72 by September's test date. FWIW, I'm averaging 164-167 with a high of 171, and steadily increasing my consistency. 52 intro'd comparative RC, and was the second instance of a different rule type for LG... no change in my accuracy, so I feel good about 53-72 continuing my slow increase.

    I will say this though since you've been scoring so well previously. As awful as it sounds, try to take a few days where you don't study. I know we're getting close to the test day, but I was forced to take about a week off a few weeks ago for various reasons and the break helped me push through a plateau in the lower 160s. I wouldn't take a whole week, but maybe 3 days starting tomorrow with NO studying, not even game drills. Then come back rested and see how you do. If you're not above 163 when you come back, then look at your other options (upgrade, tutoring, push test date).

    If there is extra material in the Ultimate package (PTs) you think you have time to use between now and your test date, then go for it. At the very least, if you don't feel ready for September, the upgrade gives you extra time which might help if you push to December.
  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Just so you know, tutoring is no longer available. Sorry about that!
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