Got 150 on recent PT - Think I can get 160 by Oct? Or wait till December? Opinions welcomed.

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Hey a little background info for me on my LSAT life

Started studying in May - May and June were mainly LG stuff ,and I wasn't studying properly really. I started studying properly in June, and July is almost done now. I diagnostic at 140, so In about 2.5 months I made a 10 point jump.

My breakdown was about : RC - 15, LR:13, LR 15, LG 14 (these are the amounts I got correct)

I also feel I did not perform as good as I could have today, I felt really tired and not focused but was anxious to see where I was at. I think I made some dumb mistakes here and there that probably cost me a few points. For example, one of the questions I was looking over said only 1% chose the answer I picked, which was wrong. This tells me its a really dumb error on my part, and this was in LR which is usually my best section.

What is everyones opinion? My goal is to get LG's down to at least just -3, but preferably to -0. LR, strangely, didn't show much improvement although I have been drilling it a lot lately which kinda of sucks. Hoping to get that score up as well.


  • JSJS Free Trial Member
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    You can practice more games and I believe certainly you will get better. BTW, which one you take?
  • JSJS Free Trial Member
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    Can you finish all the questions on time?
  • The_RiseThe_Rise Alum Member
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    PT 40. I am going to take 1 a week and increase frequency when I get closer to test date.

    No, I had timing issues on all of them almost.
  • JSJS Free Trial Member
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    I plan to do PT46 tomorrow morning because before PT46 we only get several explanations.
  • JSJS Free Trial Member
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    Always remember to skip questions. :)
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    Depends on how much time you are willing to to put into it. If you are willing to stick with the blind review method and work 40 + hours a week, then it's definitely possible, I say you might even breakthrough 165
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    It's completely possible. I just took a PT today after weeks of drilling and I got a 161 (165 blind review). On my previous PT I got a 148.
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