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Additional Analytics and Old Law v. New Law Problems

Taylor Darcy-1Taylor Darcy-1 Free Trial Member
in Bar 10 karma

Thank you so much for having all the real MBE questions on here for such a reasonable price! I do have two things that would make it more valuable. I am not sure if it would be possible to implement them but I figure there is no harm in asking.

First, it would be great to see analytics based upon the set of problems (e.g., oldest, aging, and recent) that way I could see how I am progressing with each set individually rather than just overall. It is also more useful to see how I am doing with the more recent sets because of the possible differences in the law from the oldest to the newest. Also, having progressive analytics would be useful too. For instance, if it could show me how I am doing based upon the most recent 100 question's I've taken that would give me trend information as well or even if it was just broken up per 100 questions, that would be a great tool as well.

Second, I know this would be more work but it would make studying old practice problems that are not current law more useful. If you could provide what the answer would be based upon the current law, then we could know if our thinking was correct and it was just the fact that the law has changed that affected whether or not we got the right answer.

Again, thank you so much for providing real MBE questions! I've found them to be invaluable as I prepare for the July California Bar.


  • 7Sage Admin7Sage Admin Administrator
    298 karma

    Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful feedback!

    We added the ability to limit the analytics to the different sets (oldest, aging, newest) at the top of the analytics page. We also added progressive analytics to the bottom of the analytics page.

    Unfortunately, as you anticipated, old/new law information would take a lot of time. We added it to our long term wish list, but we don't have any immediate plans for that, sorry!

    Good luck on the July Bar!

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