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The best LR and reading comp tutors

chupacabrachupacabra Legacy Member
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to get some opinions on who is a really good tutor to help me with my Reading comp and LR.

I am having a lot of trouble with Reading comp. Definitely my worst section by far usually score around 15. My LR is not that bad scoring around 17 but I would like to get much better at these two sections before my planned February exam. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks boys and girls!


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Yearly Member 🍌🍌
    8668 karma

    In my estimation, from everything that I have seen of them, all of the tutors on 7Sage are competent and professional people who are excellent at the LSAT and can pass that expertise along in a meaningful way to both beginners and those who need more specialized instruction. I do not say any of this flippantly, these people know what they are doing and are all superb at communicating the concepts necessary for success on this exam. For your needs in RC, I would highly recommend @danielznelson

    You might find the following thread helpful:


  • OlamHafuchOlamHafuch Alum Member
    2326 karma

    The gold standard of tutors is probably @"Jonathan Wang" . He's far more expensive than the others, but if you can afford it, it could be a good investment.

  • jurisprudentjurisprudent Alum Member
    326 karma

    I recommend @danielznelson for RC. He's truly an RC master and he has helped me increase my score on the newer tests, improve my general pacing and timing strategy, and go about RC in the most EFFICIENT way possible. He's in high demand so I'd reach out to him sooner rather than later.

    I also recommend @"Daniel.Sieradzki" for LR. I'm really lucky to be in a study group with him where I get his knowledge for free, but I'd definitely pay him if I weren't in this group. He's taken every single PT so his knowledge of LR is VAST -- he's really great at making parallel situations/arguments to help you expand your conceptual knowledge beyond the actual questions presented on the PTs.

    Both of their rates are very reasonable and economical compared to other tutors, they're 7Sage approved, AND they're both just really great people to get to know outside of the LSAT. Hope this helps narrow your search! Best of luck.

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