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double arrow/double not arrow chains

elroy.mjlelroy.mjl Alum Member
in General 17 karma

Hi I am having some issues with chaining double arrows/double not arrows.

I know that:
A--> B <--|--> C = A <--|--> C
A <--|--> B --> C= A <--|--> C
A--> B <----> C = A <----> C
A <----> B --> C = A <----> C

But I am unsure about:

A <----> B <-----> C
A <----> B <--|--> C
A <--|--> B <--|--> C

Could somebody help clarify this?


  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    edited August 2017 9361 karma

    7Sage does not use "The Double-Not arrow" used by PowerScore, so I may be wrong, but I believe PowerScore uses it to indicate "Not both rule."

    A --> /B

    According to the PowerScore Bibles, "A <--|--> B" only excludes the situation that "A and B both occurs."

    @"elroy.mjl" said:
    A--> B <--|--> C = A <--|--> C

    A --> B --> /C = A --> /C

    A <--|--> B --> C= A <--|--> C

    I don't think this is right. Again, I don't know what <-|-> symbolizes, but based on my understanding that A <--|--> B = A --> /B
    A --> /B --> C = A --> C

    For bi-conditional (<----> "double arrow") relationships, please review this page:

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