Best / good watch brands for test day?? (besides 180 watch)

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Sadly, I have a 'Withdrawal' on my Dec 2016 exam bc on the morning of the exam I woke up & my watch decided to stop working. Perfect. So, yea, don't want that to happen again next Saturday. Just wanted to get people's thoughts on good/decent watch brands to go for that will definitely not mess-up. Planning to order from Amazon Prime this week. Also not spending $50+ for the 180 watch.

I'll note: the watch I do have for everyday use is a J.Crew / Timex military watch ( and I'll probably use that on test day if no one has strong feelings about a certain type of watch to get. My only hesitation is that occasionally (rarely) I'll find that the time has accidentally changed (i.e. hours ahead/behind, randomly), and I'm not sure how that's even possible. I'm guessing if I'm not wearing the watch & it's sitting on the desk on test day there shouldn't be any problems, right? [I'm also now realizing that I've been exclusively using the 7sage proctor watch for my PTs and I should start using/trying out this watch before test day!!]

Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!


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