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For those who took the LSAT the second time are you moving forward?

fambam24fambam24 Member
in General 215 karma

I took the LSAT yesterday. This was my second time. On my PT's I was scoring in the mid to high 160's. My ideal score is 167 or above.

I just don't know how I did yesterday. I don't know how to assess my performance in any of the sections on the test besides LG. I was able to figure out every game except the second one in which I had to guess on 3-4 questions. In my PTs, I was getting 2-3 wrong on LG.

I can't risk another bad score. I did terrible on my first LSAT in which I totally bombed the LG section (got -15). I worked the heck out of LG games this time so I don't think I bombed LG again unless I screwed up everything. I thought LR and RC on yesterday's test was normal, besides the passage about the judges.

I don't know what to do. I really don't want to cancel because I have some applications that require the September score. I would be fine with a score in the mid-to-high 160's. I just can't get the same score as last time or do worse because that would just destroy me. Is it possible to do worst than your first LSAT??? I put in two full months of studying in this.

I'm just curious how others who are relying on the September score are thinking about what to do next, especially those who didn't take the test for the first time yesterday.


  • Victoria14Victoria14 Alum Member
    776 karma

    I've drank a lot today. You probably want more then this, but its pretty brutally honest. I needed 6 points to increase and after RC I don't think I have it.

  • Trust But VerifyTrust But Verify Alum Member
    427 karma

    You'll be fine regardless of the outcome. Think positively.

  • sillllyxosillllyxo Alum Member
    708 karma

    I'm taking it third time in December

  • sillllyxosillllyxo Alum Member
    708 karma

    granted my first take was 4y ago so idk how that counts

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