Dec Study Group call #3 - Tuesday 9/19/17 8:00 p.m. EST - PT 50 - submit questions beforehand!

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Third call info:

  1. Take PT 50 and BR on your own before the call.

  2. Submit 2-5 questions you want to review here:
    Note: We will try to limit the calls to under 2 hours. We will review LR questions first and only review RC if we have time.
    We will not be reviewing LG.

  3. This step is important: Come prepared to speak through how you approached the question you submitted. If more than one of us had trouble on the same question, we can each have an opportunity to speak through our thought process/which choices we were stuck between. The rest of the group then discusses.

  4. Sign up for Discord and add side braid#1597. Comment on this post if you plan on joining so I can send the link to Discord server and additional info to your inbox.

My goal for this study group is for everyone to both contribute and benefit from each other's success. I want to help you get to that next level and I'm asking for your help to get me there as well.

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