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RC RC RC help

bsemb001bsemb001 Free Trial Member

Just did an RC drill of PT 53.
Actually not bad considering RC is my most least practiced section. 20/27.
Stats were:
-5 Infer questions
-2 Application questions

Majority were in the final section. I wouldn't attribute it to rushing because I had a good 12.30ish minutes to complete the final reading section alone, so I felt decent on time. The questions themselves were quite difficult. I also feel like application questions have a dimension similar to inference questions in that you aren't directly finding concrete reference to the passage, and if you are, then it's not as explicit as you wish it to be.

How do you generally approach inference questions? Some tips would be lovely.



  • inactiveinactive Alum Member
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    Bumping this to the top!

  • BirdLaw818BirdLaw818 Free Trial Member
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    Inference questions in RC from what I remember are heavily centered around Perspective (of a critic, an author, etc). A lot of the times they are even focused on a process , like the dowsing passage in the June LSAT of 2017 (or was it February?).

    What this requires is that you have A) a good idea of where things go in the passage, and this is when notations can be helpful. And B) that you keep an eye out for sentences where a perspective is shared.

  • bsemb001bsemb001 Free Trial Member
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    Thx. Youdarealist, Dillon & Kew

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