PT's vs drilling - gains to still be made in LG - where's your best experience at?

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So I'm still around -14 in logic games.... Would I be better off drilling different games ( until I can do it , ect ) for a whole day, or taking a pt then reviewing the pt and if there's still time, drilling the lg of that pt?

As test day gets ridiculously closer, I'm not sure whether to focus on more pts or more drilling


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    Drill for sure. I struggled on LG for a long time and dedicated a few days to just drilling games. I'd do a game, and if I got any wrong or finished it too slowly I would print of 5 more copies and do it again as the week went on. LG is like a muscle that can be trained and the more you train it the stronger it becomes.

    Taking PTs is good for getting used to actually writing the LSAT, but if you struggle mainly on LG then I would focus strictly on them.
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    I was in your situation a few weeks back, I took a few days just drilling logic games. Scoring between -6 to -1 now...
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    I am in a similar situation and wondering the same thing. My BR score on LG is -5 on avg. While my actual score is -15 which is really horrible. Clearly a timing issue. I have the preptest 61-71 book and have been fool-proofing every single game in there (40 games in all). My big struggle is closing the BR gap and the actual gap before the test. If I can do that I won't have to take it again in December due to my LR and RC being in an acceptable zone for me.

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    I agree with the above. If you're still missing -14 on logic games your best bet is definitely going to be putting an emphasis on drilling. Through plenty of practice and repetition you will get better. Make sure you're following the 7Sage fool proof method. You'd be surprised how quickly improvements can be made on the LG section following this method! :)

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