December 2017 LSAT - Real/Experimental Sections Keywords

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Please note that the information below will change to reflect the information we get! Contribute if you can via the official December 2017 LSAT discussion (linked at the bottom of this thread) without going into too much detail. If you think something is wrong or should be added, please post in the thread and let me know.

Real Sections:

-Cruise ship trips to Manila/Osaka/Shanghai
-Musical Performances
-Metro Closures
-Apartment Cleaning

-Chinese Language
-Heroes and Multiverse
-Copywriting Comedians and Chefs
-Social Theorists about Darwinism

-Indian Spice
-Nuclear Fusion of Atoms/Heat
-T. Rex
-Tilapia Fish
-Alzheimer's Disease
-Herbal Medicines that Become Harmful
-Herniated Disks
-Dolphin Habitat
-Raising Prices by 25 Cents
-7pm and 6pm
-Fish Fingers
-Copper Tools and Canoes
-Sensing Tornadoes
-Movie Review
-Mayor Getting Re-Elected
-Black/White Camoflage
-Greek Character Reading Oracle's Tablet
-Disagreement About How Companies Should Go About Things

Experimental Sections:

-Voting Committees and Zoning Committees

-Protest Fiction
-Tax Alternatives
-Ice Cores

-Mosquitoes and Leaves
-Potato Insects
-Birds Feigning Injury

If you can confirm that these are real / experimental, please do so by PMing me or posting in the main thread.

-PTSD, stress, and cortisol levels
-Planet 256
-Lake Sassafras

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