Cancelling Score - experimental section?

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Question for those of you out there who have experience on these things, or just good advice. I took the October LSAT today in Munich - it went as well as it possibly could have. However: I did significantly worse on the fifth section - the second set of logic games - than I usually do, or than I did on the first section of games. Not sure if it was the experimental section. If not, I would certainly not cancel the score, but I guessed on... 4 or 5 questions at the end of it. Two or three of those were informed, partial eliminations, two or three certainly blind guesses. I got a 165 on the June LSAT, and my last PT was a 174. I am worried that if this was not the experimental section, it will bring my score back down into the 160s - was really hoping to stay over 170. Any sound advice would be much appreciated. That said, the rest of the test went really well, and if even two or three of those guesses worked out, the impact on the score would not be so dramatic. Any thoughts?

Most important: best of luck to you all taking it today and loads of good wishes and sympathy!


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    I also had two lg, with the second one being really difficult , it seems it may have been the experimental, but I am not 10 percent sure
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    I also had two LG sections; the second being markedly more difficult than the first. It threw me for a loop after the first LG section, which I had perceived to be more on par with the typical layout of sections of the past. But I can't be sure. Although it IS eating me alive.
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    I cancelled for a different reason. I had two RC's and I just wasn't on point today. Some distractions in the room and I didn't handle them well. I took it before and got a 167, and my last PT from two days ago was 172. I think I felt a lot of pressure to do better than the 167 and just didn't think I was doing that today. I'm pretty down about it.
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    This is my second time taking the LSAT, both times I have had logic games as the experimental section. The extremely easy section that you finish 10-15 minutes early in awe is always the experimental when it comes to logic games. If it seems too good to be true then in fact is when it comes to the LSAT.
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    Hard LG is the real one =(
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    I feel you pain... I used to enjoy logic games... :(
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    In June I had 2 LGs and the second seemed ridiculously hard. Turned out to not be experimental. That would have been too nice of lsac seeing how I finished that without any worry!
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    Which reading comp is real?
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    I had 2 LGs for today's test and I thought the second one was slightly easier, although I ran out of time on the last couple questions on both. @gplizard101 (or others) - so the 2nd game is the real one? How do you know?
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    You can't discuss the LSAT, including which section was the experimental one, no need to put 7sage at risk.
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