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How many optional statements/optional essays is enough?

smtaylor1217smtaylor1217 Free Trial Member

Hi all,

For a school that you REALLY want to go to, how many optional statements would you do? All of them?

In my case, I am applying to Penn (I'm a bit above the 25 percentile for LSAT and GPA, so it is a reach for me). The school offers 4 optional essay topics: 1) standard DS, 2) 'Why X school?', 3) question about teamwork, 4) typical addenda question.

I am already planning to submit #1 & #2 in addition to my PS. The instructions say 'You may answer more than one essay topic if you so choose.' Of course no reason to answer #4 if unnecessary, but is it bad form not to come up with something for #3?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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