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Any advice for someone who has test anxiety?

empressh95empressh95 Member
in General 5 karma

So I am taking the Feb lsat and have been studying since November, I have bad test anxiety and wanted to know any suggestions or strategies for test day


  • JPJ July2021JPJ July2021 Monthly Member
    1532 karma

    I would definitely try to take a second before each section to collect yourself. If a section doesn’t go as well as you hoped to try to just accept it and move on because dwelling on it will only hurt your score in the end. Also, making sure to take practice tests under realistic testing conditions should help to alleviate some anxiety because on test day hopefully it will feel just like another practice test.

  • westcoastbestcoastwestcoastbestcoast Alum Member
    3788 karma

    Learn and practice mindfulness meditation. It will teach you to not to attach yourself to those emotions and center you to the present moment

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