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First untimed -0 on a Passage-Thanks Alex!!!

I still have a long way to go with my LSAT studies and we all know how frustrating this test can be at times. For this reason, I think its all the more important to celebrate the small victories, especially when you usually don't have good news to share when it comes to this test. So with my modified study routine, atm I usually do one untimed RC passage a day before working LR or LG. In addition to the CC, prior to today I have done 18 untimed passages and I usually got -2 or -3 with the occasional -1. But my low resolution summaries became simply about dumbing down individual sentences so I could process it and I often forget to pay attention to the structure. I neglected the fact that every paragraph is important. @"Alex Divine" reminded me of this fact just a few days ago in a recent post I made and today I got my first -0 on an untimed RC passage. What makes it extra meaningful for me is the fact it was a science passage. I hate science passages. I usually never really understand what the heck they're babbling about, but I did today on my 19th attempt. So Alex, I thank you sir. Better LSAT score here I come!!


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