Escape Full Screen bug on MAC - cannot revert back


So on a PC I am able to press the button to get out of a full screen and revert back if needed, but I am unable to do so on a Mac or iPad. Could this be fixed? Does anyone else have this problem?

I feel like works better on a pc than a mac. Please help.


  • btate87btate87 Alum Member
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    I just double checked on my MacBook. Getting into fullscreen works fine with the button on the video, getting out works fine with the button and with the esc key. Sorry not helpful, but it may not be a universal Mac problem?

  • SerenityFalconSerenityFalcon Alum Member
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    I have used a MacBook with 7Sage for six months, and early on learned that Chrome works much better than Safari. Even with Chrome on Mac, I did have one experience like you described. I think it fixed itself after quitting the browser, and it hasn't happened to me again. Definitely not a "universal Mac problem" for me.

    I also use the 7Sage app with iPad and iPhone and have never had any problems like you described.

  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
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    Yea, when I use Mac and Safari, I couldn’t use the button to revert the screen back. So I usually press Esc key. I’m not in front of the computer now, so I’ll check later if it’s still the case.

    But when I’m using iPhone Safari, I can use the button to revert back.

  • tams2018tams2018 Member
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    you guys are absolutely right. It was safari causing the problems. Thanks so much!

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