LSAT June/July/September 2018 Advice - anything advice you have I want!

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Ok, so I have been pondering this for a while but haven't posted anything because well...I've been embarrassed. I started initially studying for the LSAT about 3 years ago, at first I didn't realize how serious this test was so I kind of just went into Barnes and Noble and bought run of the mill LSAT Prep Books, a Kaplan book and even an LSAT Prep book for Dummies(smh) at the time I was working full time teaching high school in Miami. Fast forward to the fall of 2016 I started to get a little more serious, I bought the LSAT Trainer and thinking that I would have more time on my hands in the spring of the year while I was still teaching (wth) I signed myself up for an in-person Testmasters course. Testmasters was pretty great except for the cost and the fact that I didn't actually have the time to work on the assigned homework outside of class. After this I decided to move back home and find a job that would allow me the time to focus on studying for this exam, I loved teaching, but it can be extremely taxing and I didn't believe it would allow me the time to do what was necessary for this test. This past winter I was attempting to self-study by using practice tests and drilling, but I realized that I really need video explanations to help me improve and a schedule to follow to keep me on track so I spent a bucket of cash to extend my Testmasters course for the December 2017 test. I though about extending it again but I realized 1.) I wasn't getting explanations for the all the questions I needed, often times I would have to ask "academic support" and wait a day for a response and 2.) the courses were only for 2-3 increments, I am still working full time and while I plan to study full time during the summer, I don't have the time to do so now.

I am posting this because I really need some advice, if someone asked me to run analytics on my LSAT profile I would definitely say that TIME is my biggest issue. I was always the last person finishing a test in high school and college, I may have gotten everything right, but I definitely didn't race to the finish line. I have a good grasp of the basics, and how to approach the different types of questions in LR and focusing on structure in RC. I would definitely say Logic Games are my weakness, but I would also say that Reading Comprehension is the section on which I need to increase my speed the most. Keeping that in mind I have been thinking about focusing on Fool Proofing until I reach -0 on Logic Games and starting the Premium course to get myself on a schedule for RC and LR.

I was originally thinking about doing the June 2018 LSAT but I am off during the summer so I though this would be a great opportunity to focus on studying full time to take the July or September test, but I want to put myself on a schedule now rather than leaving my intense studying until the summer; I also want to keep things fresh so I don't have to go back and re-teach myself key lessons.

What do you guys think? I want to focus on Fool Proofing using the Pacifico Method until I am able to consistently score -0 in LG but I also don't want to forget the skills for LR and RC. Should I put off PT-ing until I have been able to reach -0 in LR/LG and RC? Or am I thinking about this totally wrong? My apologies if this seems confusing my your help is much appreciated!!!

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