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How long does it typically take schools to make a decision after a new LSAT score is posted?

ky133333ky133333 Alum Member

How long after a school is notified of a new LSAT score do they usually notify applicants of a decision? I am on the wait list at my top choice school; the rest of my apps are on hold until February's score posted, so I assume they haven't yet reviewed it and would likely take longer from these schools to receive a response. Can someone enlighten me on the time frame I can expect a response for the wait list school and others? Would it expedite the process if I also notify my top choice that my new score has been posted and that I would like them to review my app again? Or will they likely review my app automatically upon receipt of the new score?


  • studyingandrestudyingstudyingandrestudying Core Member
    5254 karma

    I think it may depend on things like where the applicant is in the file review categories and how competitive the school is. I imagine within a month there's going to be some word from them, but this is just a guess.

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