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Help with N.A. Questions (Necessary Assumption)

katherine.reillykatherine.reilly Legacy Member

For some reason during the introduction videos, I kept getting these questions wrong. I am quite confused and at this point am very frustrated with myself. So if anyone has any tips or some type of guidance that helped them solve these type of questions let me know.


  • BinghamtonDaveBinghamtonDave Alum Member 🍌🍌
    8673 karma

    First, don’t be frustrated, these things take time. Let’s start from some basics: can you tell me what a NA answer choice is supposed to do? What is its function in relation to the argument we are provided?


  • olepuebloolepueblo Alum Member
    235 karma

    I think the first step is being confident in your dissection of the argument. Are you then able to see how the parts relate to one another and the support structure? Then you must find what has to be assumed for the arugment to work. I like to think of this step in flaw-like terms. As it stands the argument is missing an assumption required for it to be a good argument. There will be a missing link between the arguments support and conclusion. Hope that is useful.

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