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Is there anyone who takes a course from Larry Law Law?

jihyun.leejihyun.lee Alum Member
edited April 2018 in Off-topic 71 karma

I've been taking some courses from there but encountered some problems... (I purchased the mentor course but the site keeps saying I purchased the prime course).

I've tried to contact Larry many times but it seems like he is not checking his email... Is there anyone who knows how to contact him? I'm starting to get really worried...



  • akistotleakistotle Member 🍌🍌
    edited April 2018 9372 karma

    Did you email him at larry[at] He also has a Gmail address.

    I think the page says “KTCOOLS Prime” regardless of which course you purchase (And on "Upgrade" page, it says "PRIME (You have this now)").

  • Free Trial Member
    42 karma

    I'm currently taking the course and he's been pretty responsive (usually no longer than 24hrs for a response). We emailed back and forth and he used the email that akistotle mentioned.

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