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Preparing to take the LSAT again, which program is recommended Ultimate or Ultimate +

slyndsey112slyndsey112 Alum Member
edited May 2018 in Study Groups 16 karma

Hi all, this is my first time participating on the discussion board. My name is Savannah and I am preparing to take the LSAT again. I recently discovered this site and have read amazing reviews about the program and wanted to ask some advice. Which package would you recommend and why? I'm torn between wanting to save a few bucks and wondering if I'm just wasting my time. I've took my first LSAT on 9/2016 and second 2/2018 and the third test will be the end of the year. I'm feeling discouraged and really need some help. I've used the LR and LG David Killoran's bibles, a book by Mike Kim and some Kaplan books and so many official lsat prep tests from amazon. The prep courses were too expensive, so I have self studied this entire time. The Killoran bibles were great and helped me to improve on the LG section, but I'm still struggling with the LR and I hate RC so much, that I don't want to talk about it lol.

I planned to take a prep course at some local college this summer, but the two I signed up for ( before paying, thank goodness) were cancelled due to low enrollment.

I guess I wanted a course w/ an instructor to help me understand why I'm getting the questions wrong and to help with test anxiety tips ( In Feb my anxiety was so bad, b/c the proctors kept walking out of the room slamming the door and everyone was coughing). I don't want to be a career test taker, I want to be on my way to completing my goal and really hope this program helps.


  • FixedDiceFixedDice Legacy Member
    edited May 2018 1804 karma

    If you really don't want to be a "career test taker," go for the Ultimate+. It has everything you could possibly wish for.

  • lsatplaylistlsatplaylist Alum Member
    5244 karma

    Also, the #help tag is really good, as it sends the question/link to mentors on here and someone usually responds within 1-2 days, which is awesome.

  • alyhobbsalyhobbs Alum Member
    715 karma

    I guess it really depends on what you mean by "so many actual practice tests". The biggest reason why I chose Ultimate Plus was because not only do you have access to all the PTs old and new, you also gain access to all levels of difficulty for the problem sets. I originally began with the starter course and got the majority of the problem sets correct. I realized this is because they were grouped by difficulty and I only had access to the easy ones. You do have the question bank to refer to and can create your own problem sets but I preferred to have access to everything. Either way you both allow access to the forum and many of the explanations. If the cost isn't as big of a factor I would definitely recommend Ultimate Plus. There are also many tutors that can help if you are looking for more one on one.

  • jhanco10jhanco10 Alum Member
    195 karma

    I highly recommend Ultimate Plus. The length of the course also provides flexibility. It is worth every penny.

  • Leah M BLeah M B Alum Member
    8392 karma

    If you want to exhaust all of your options and you can afford it, I say go for Ultimate+. I began with just the Starter since I had already purchased most of the prep tests on Amazon. But after now having Ultimate+, I can see what an invaluable resource it is. You get so many more materials to prep with. The problem sets (problems to work through separate by question type and difficulty) are really great. The pack of LGs 1-35 for foolproofing are so handy. It feels like an absolute wealth of support and materials, not to mention having access to explanations for every single LSAT question. It's so good.

    Granted, most of us are here on the board because we used the 7sage course and love it. But I think especially for the price, it's an amazing value. Plus the board here is so helpful if you ever get stuck. And you can ask questions throughout the lessons and use #help and someone will respond to you in a day or two. JY is a fantastic instructor that actually makes the lessons interesting and entertaining.

    As for test anxiety, a lot of us around here recommend meditation if you haven't tried that. Headspace is a great app. Getting in the habit of focusing and calming practices can really help. Also I highly recommend practicing taking your PTs in various distracting environments to get used to that. I took most of mine in a public library, which I find somewhat comparable to test day. Quiet but definitely some distractions. I also took a few in coffee shops to really practice focusing in noisy environments. And then took a few at home to practice in silence. I think it's good to mix up. Meditation could really help though, because that's something that you can even sort of do in the moment during the test. Practice breathing and centering.

    Also when it comes to the LSAT, I think a lot of anxiety people have is because we put too much pressure on ourselves. It can be easy to see it as this giant thing that dictates our future. So I think it's helpful to consciously work on changing the mindset about it. This is just one step along the way, and you can always retake. Every official administered LSAT is also just another one of the published prep tests. There's nothing special about any of them. So I think it can be helpful to remind yourself that you're not heading off to this big thing, but it's simply just another prep test, with someone else handling the timing. June's LSAT is just PT 84 (I think? I lost count haha).

  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    Just want to point out that everyone who commented on this post purchased Ultimate+. I will say, It's not obvious which course is the best until you've been studying with the curriculum for a while. There are things that may seem small at first that will become noticeably more important the longer you study.

    Also, factor in your study window. If you have only 3-4 months to study then it's unlikely that you'll need higher than Ultimate.

  • slyndsey112slyndsey112 Alum Member
    16 karma

    Thank you all for your comments. I'm still trying to navigate through this site, but it is awesome that there is such a strong community of people who are in this together helping each other out. I've been looking for a study group for a while, but most of my friends were studying for the GRE or had already found their careers, so I've felt alone. I've taken prep tests 19-28, 52-61, 62-71, 72-81 and didn't want to look at another after Feb's test lol.

    Leah- When you mentioned asking questions throughout the lesson, does JY respond to you or does another test taker? And I've tried yoga to get out of my head, but that doesn't help. I've only taken the prep tests at home, so I will definitely go to a library or coffeehouse to practice focusing in different environments. Thank you for the help everyone. I just wanted input on which would be the better purchase and appreciate the answers and think I will go with the Ultimate + sometime this month.

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