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How to get Actual Score up to Blind Review Score

tunkuretunkure Member
in General 8 karma

Hey all! Currently my blind review scores have been much higher than my actual scores, but I'm not really sure how to improve them to fully reach my potential. For example, on my last PT I got 169, but my blind review was 176. Is it just an issue of improving on timing? If so, how can I do this? Thanks!


  • lady macbethlady macbeth Alum Member
    894 karma

    Congratulations!!!! I also need help with this. But I find that really drilling my wrong answers and criticizing my wrong mindset that let me to the wrong answers is what helps me most improve during timed questions. For LG, that's just me foolproofing games. For LR, I rewatch every video explanation until I can explain it to myself and to someone else. I also have a notebook where I parse out each argument in any LR question I found difficult, line by line. For RC, I read hard reading passages and read as much as possible all the time. I typically read the Economist or the NYer. Or philosophy books I have from college.

  • FixedDiceFixedDice Member
    edited May 2018 1804 karma

    Is it just an issue of improving on timing?

    Depends. If you scored 169 because you ran out of time, then it would be a timing issue. If you scored 169 because you made some errors, then it would be a different issue.

    I do not like being generic, but practice seems to be the answer. There's no quick, cheap, and dirty way to a higher score.

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