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July 2018 or September 2018? Last Take

jurisprudentjurisprudent Alum Member
edited May 2018 in General 326 karma

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should take the July or September exam as my third (and final) take. I have two cancellations on my record, so ideally, I would like my next take to be my last and final one. If all hell breaks loose, I'm willing to take it a fourth time, but this is an absolute last resort (knock on wood).

I'm currently PTing in the mid 160s and I'm aiming for a 167 on test day. I'm really not set on a goal score because my LSAT journey has been rather long and tedious, with a lot of breaks in between, so I'm ready to conquer this beast once and for all.

My hesitation with September is that 1) I'm not a morning person by any means (as proven by my last two takes) and 2) I live about an hour's drive from the test center, which would add to the stress (I got an Airbnb close to the test center last time but had trouble falling asleep in a new environment).

I'm concerned about the July test not being disclosed because 1) I don't entirely trust the LSAC and 2) it would be nice to get some feedback for a retake if I get a really unexpected score.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you!


  • OhnoeshalpmeOhnoeshalpme Alum Member
    2531 karma

    Don't take the test until you're PTing in the 170's and BR is in the high 170's. If you manage to get there by July then you can take in July, if not, take in September. Either way, you'll still be applying early in the cycle.

    In reference to the "last take" mentality, I think that it's unhealthy. You are allowed to have unlimited takes now, so there's really no reason for you to be concerned about having to retake. Going into the test with the mentality that it's "all or nothing" will have an impact on your test day performance. Seeing the test as just another practice test will be far more likely to get you the score that you want.

  • Simple ManSimple Man Alum Member
    448 karma

    Why do you keep canceling? Either take it and see what you get or withdraw so you don't have anymore cancels. A low score really isn't the end of the world, and it seems like you've created a habit of psyching yourself out.

    There is also nothing sketchy about an undisclosed test. Sure it would be nice how you did on that specific test, but you should know your strengths and weaknesses by now. Just pull the trigger on the July test, and don't chicken out! Who knows, you could get a great score and be done with all this anxiety you have built up. If not, just retake. Ain't no thang but a barrier to entray!

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