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Items Removed From Scoring

ddromneyddromney Alum Member
edited October 2014 in General 24 karma
It seems like it would be very helpful to see the questions that have been removed from scoring so that we can see if we can catch the flaw in the question. Is there any compilation of these questions for us to look at?


  • joegotbored-1joegotbored-1 Alum Member
    802 karma
    Hi DD,

    Not to my knowledge. They are removed prior to the release of the materials to the takers who sat for that particular exam. I don't think they are ever released publicly. The only way to see one would be to take the test when it is officially administered, or find one that they missed with their statistics before release.

    For what it's worth, we likely won't find one of these in a test more than maybe 1 or 2 administrations old. After that, thousands and thousands of eager preppers will have gone through them and the best minds in the prep business have reviewed them too. If they didn't find one, it isn't likely that we will. What is more likely is that we would just misunderstand a stimulus/stem/answer choice.

    If you have a particular question in mind, you could probably ask about it and get an answer.
  • K-MagnetK-Magnet Alum Member
    283 karma
    Graeme Blake challenged 2 questions & received 2 very long responses from LSAC -- top post on

    Interesting to read!
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