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Where should one be scoring on PTs if you want a 170 on the actual thing?

RiseandGrindRiseandGrind Alum Member
in General 219 karma

I am trying to assess my readiness for the July exam, and want to know the range I should be scoring in if I want to get a 170 on the actual LSAT. I've heard people say +3 points from the score you are aiming for, but others say at least +5.


  • JonnyBonesJonnyBones Alum Member
    6 karma

    If you want to score a 170, you should be PT'ing at 170. In theory, there should be no difference between you doing a timed PT, and you doing the actual LSAT, besides, of course, the room in which your writing it in, and other test day conditions.

  • RiseandGrindRiseandGrind Alum Member
    219 karma

    Hey @JonnyBones, thanks for your response. I agree, but I've been deceived in the past by this tricky tricky test. I was PT-ing at a 165 average before the February test, and ended up scoring a 158. Not quite sure what happened, but I feel dubious that PT scores accurately reflect test day score. I do think test taking anxiety may have played a role in February. That being said, my PT average is at 170 right now, doing 5 sections and all. So I am debating whether I should go ahead and take it in July or wait until I hit 173 consistently to take the test. July will be my third take.

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