PTing - 5 section or 4 section test

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I've been PTing 5 section tests, just tossing in one extra section at random. When I grade the PT, I dont include the random extra section in my score. I've noticed some people mentioning they rarely take 5 section tests and don't find it detrimental.



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    I remember JY saying he never did 5 section tests and that the adrenaline on test day would be enough to get you through that extra section. I think it just comes down to personal preference.

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    @"surfy surf" I have been taking 5 section PTs as well. It wears me out for sure. I grade them once I complete all four of my "experimental" sections. @Emily2122 That made me smile from ear to ear! LOL

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    I've heard of people getting fatigued on test day after only doing 4 sections. 5 seems like a safe bet!

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    me and my study buddy have been doing 6 section PT's to great effect (full PT plus 2 from another random PT in a 3-break-3 format).

    I have a lot of trouble with sustained focus and by the 4th section I used to find it difficult to process stimuli in LR or absorb content in RC. I used to see substantial score drop offs in later sections as well. We've done four 6 section PT's and I find my performance much more consistent throughout the sections now, and doing 5 doesn't feel difficult at all. A lot of recovery time is needed after a 6-section PT though so it may not be for everyone. We only do one test a week and spend loads of time on blind review in between.

    On test day in February I did notice a drop in focus on Section 5 and found myself having to re-read stimuli a lot more. I scored about 5 points lower than my best PT, all of which were just 4 sections. This is a common phenomenon though and I can't necessarily say it was just because of the extra section.

    I'd say definitely practice with at least 5 if you're experiencing any sort of subjective or objective performance drop in later sections.

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