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Why I Get Excited When I Get Questions Wrong

EmmetropicEmmetropic Free Trial Member
edited June 2018 in General 164 karma

A while ago, I got my lowest LR section score. I was initially devastated, but I tried taking each question as a learning moment. I did this by exhausting each question I struggled with to its fullest capacity, keeping track of my incorrect questions, and reviewing them once in a while. I also wrote down a list of traps I commonly fall into and add tally marks when I repeated a mistake.

Today, I got past three questions that I otherwise would have gotten wrong by being aware of the fact that a) 'assumptions' are not explicit b) words are close, but not equal in meaning (for example, a drought is not the same as below average rain) and c) when the stimulus/choice only says X is more or less than Y, you never know by how much.

We review mistakes to not make them again, and that score was totally worth it now. Don't feel discouraged if your scores drop headed into the test, you'll probably do better because of it.

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